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Genre: Angst, CEO au
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Length: 3696 words
Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.
Part: 7/7
I got there before Jimin himself was home from work, and instead of sitting around, I paced restlessly outside his apartment. I was starting to think this wasn’t such a good idea, and was considering leaving, when the lift doors slid open. I heard the sound at the end of the corridor and my head shot up. Out stepped Jimin, his tie loosened just like Jungkook’s and his suit jacket flung over his shoulder.
His eyes conveyed an array of emotions. The predominant one being anger. We must have stood there for a solid twpo minutes before I cleared my throat and spoke. “Jimin.”
“Oh”, he scoffed. “So now you call me ‘Jimin’? What happened to ‘Mr Park’?”
“Does the word professional mean anything to you?” I shot back, before adding bitterly, “Well, clearly not.”
“Let’s take this inside”, he muttered, storming past me to unlock his door.
I followed him, just as angry. As soon as I shut the door behind us, he flung his jacket to the side and turned to me. “Why did you come here?”
My mouth fell open. “Why the fuck do you think?! Give Jungkook his job back!”
He replied with a blunt “No”, which only fuelled my anger. “You lied to me. You weren’t on the phone with your neighbour. I knew you weren’t. Luckily for me Dara overheard Jungkook on the phone.” Dara. His toxic secretary.
“So what? He was on the phone. People left their floors. They even left work for a couple of hours cus you weren’t there! You can’t fire Jungkook for a phone call!”
“Oh but I can”, he hummed. I shook my head at him in disbelief. “You’re pathetic Park Jimin”, I whispered angrily. His smirk faltered. “You kicked him out because of me. I know you did. You had no right...And then on top of that, you had the audacity to tell him I was the one who told you...”, I trailed off, my eyes wet with tears threatening to spill if I continued.
Jimin just stared at me. His expression slowly became one of annoyance.
“I fucked someone else to try and forget about you. I didn’t think you’d leave the damn job! And then you go work for my business rival, and date the one boy you convinced me you were ‘just friends’ with! So you know what, fuck you. I’m glad you’re hurting because that’s got nothing on how I feel!”
It took me a minute to comprehend what he’d said. “How you feel?”, I laughed humorlessly. “Jimin over here fucking people he fired, trying to break up relationships, and firing people who are actually competent, and he’s whining on about how life is hard for him? I can’t believe I-”, I bit my lip before I finished the sentence. I was about to say ‘I can’t believe I actually liked you’, but realised it wouldn’t be wise to bring that up.
“Why are you with Jungkook?”, he asked out of the blue. “Is it because you saw me with Dara? Is he a rebound? Was it out of spite? Were you feeling lonel-”
“-Shut the fuck up”, I seethed. “I’m with him because I love him.” His expression darkened. He took a few deliberate steps towards me and I held my ground, despite wanting to run in the opposite direction.
“You love him, huh? You love him that much, you want him to have his job back?” I nodded at the question, uneasy by this proximity.
“OK”, he agreed. My eyes narrowed immediately. “What’s the catch?” I knew him. He wouldn’t just listen to me like that. Without hesitation, Jimin replied, “You leave him.”
He smiled at my shocked expression. “You don’t love him”, he whispered. “I know you don’t.”
“You know fuck all Jimin.”
"I know that I want you.” It always surprised me at how direct he was with his words. My phone started to buzz, making me jump. I sighed heavily when I saw it was Jungkook. I turned away so I didn’t have to see Jimin’s face before I answered it.
“Hey. You given Hobi his car back?”
“Hey beautiful. Yeah..but then to started raining so I had to ask him for a lift back anyway!”, he laughed. I smiled at the melodious sound. “Anyway I called because you weren’t answering texts. Did you get home OK?”
“Y-yeah.” M voice faltered because Jimin had snaked his am around my waist from behind. I tried to push him off with my free hand but he didn’t budge. I felt his lips on my shoulder and silently cursed. “Just fine thanks.”
“I still feel really guilty about earlier”, he mumbled. I wanted him to end this conversation because Jimin’s lips were now ghosting towards my neck. I craned my neck towards him to push him away, but he held my head in place. I even tried to kick him but that failed.
“Don’t Jungkook. It’s a tough time for you. It’s not your fault. In fact, I was thinking that maybe Namjoon has a space somewhere- I saw loads of empty cubicles...and we all know he hires the best.” I said those last words out of spite, and a small gasp escaped my lips when Jimin’s grip on me tightened.
Jungkook just laughed. “I know. He hired you, after all. But if you could check for me babe, I’d appreciate it. I’ve also got Hoseok and Tae checking places.”
“That’s great! Well, I’ll let you rest. Speak to you later.”
“OK”, he hummed in agreement. “I love you.”
“Love you too.” I ended the call and twisted around in his embrace to glare at him. “What the actual fuck do you think you’re doing?”
“You liked it”, he stared down at me before leaning into me and whispering, “Didn’t you?”
His hands trailed up and down my arm and I shut my eyes tight. “Stop it. What the hell do you want?”
“Right now I want to fuck you until you can remember no one else’s name but mine.”
My eyes shot open, eyebrows raised in surprise. I stepped away from him immediately, and his arms fell to his side. “I need to go.”
As I turned , his hand caught my arm to stop me. “Don’t leave me. Please.” I froze. He never spoke with much emotion, so that was an unfamiliar sound. I almost caved until I remembered the day I walked out.
Yanking my hand away I hissed, “You wanna fuck someone? Go find Dara.”
“Stay. Y/n, please, stay. I...”.
My hand was on the door. I was turning the handle. “I love you for fucks sake!”
I let out a short laugh. “Jungkook was right. You are manipulative. You don’t know what love means Jimin.”
“Ever since you left”, he continued, ignoring me. “All I’ve done is make bad business decisions. All I’ve done is lose money. That meeting with Namjoon? I spent half of that negotiating to get you back, but he refused, saying you were a great asset. And that you were better off with him than as my secretary.”
He sighed. “I do love you. You’re not like my past flings. You’re not Dara. You’re you. I love you so much, I’m prepared to let you go work for Namjoon.” He paused, before whispering, “Tell Jungkook to come to work tomorrow.”
I stared at him, lost for words.
“Go home y/n, it’s getting late.”
I gave him a small smile. “Yes Sir.” To my surprise, he smiled back. As I swung the door open, I added, “Thank you.” I started tearing up on the bus on the way home. I didn’t know why. Jimin had been terrible, as a boss and whatever other relationship we had.
I decided to get off at the stop near Jungkook’s house so I could surprise him with the good news. The rain had stopped, but it was still dark and grey as I hurried to get into his warm home.
I knocked on his door, a sad smile on my face. He answered, looking tired and pale. He was going to make himself ill with all this stress. He looked pleasantly surprised to see me. “Hey”, I hugged him at the door, excitedly. “Guess what?”
He just cocked his head in amusement and waited for me to answer. “I got your job back!”
“What!”, he gasped. “When? How? Oh my god y/n, you’re the best! Lemme text Tae and Hobi to stop searching. Come in!” he rambled in his happiness, making me laugh.
“All it took was a quick phone call”, I lied, following him inside. I didn’t want to dampen his good mood by telling him I’d gone against his wishes and actually gone to see Jimin.
“You have no idea how much this means to me y/n. You saved my ass, thank you.” I kissed his cheek, a smile on my face. “You’re welcome.” I stayed for a few more hours and went home the happiest and most fulfilled I’d been in a while. Until I remembered Jimin’s words.
Over the next few weeks, Jungkook and I both became really busy. But he would have absolutely no free time at all, which was strange. Taehyung and Hosoek would reply to their texts within minutes.
When I spoke to Yoongi about this on our lunch break, he thought he was really smart, suggesting Jungkook was cheating. Like I needed that seed of doubt planting in my mind.
“Look”, he said, fully serious, showing me his phone screen. “I texted him 5 minutes ago asking what’s up and he replied, ‘Nothing man, on a break. Wbu?’ See? He’s ignoring you.” I pursed my lips but said nothing.
My phone alerted me of a text message and the excitement instantly died out when I saw it was Hoseok. The boys were meeting at the Cafe later, and he was asking if me and Yoongi were up for it. I told him we’d be there.
I had been avoiding that area completely, in fear of bumping into Jimin, but decided I would go along to see if I could work out what was up with Jungkook. Even the nights we spent together weren’t the same now. It was like...he was bored.
So off we went, at the end of the working day, to visit our friends. Neither of us had bought money for the bus, so Yoongi complained the whole way about me making him walk after a long, hard day at work.
“Yoongs, you sit in a chair all day. And shut up complaining, at least you’re not wearing heels.” He huffed in annoyance, but didn’t say anything.
The three boys were already there. I felt a pain in my chest when Jungkook didn’t even look up from his phone. After hugging Hoseok and Tae, I flopped down between Yoongi and Hoseok, opposite Jungkook, deliberately leaving the space next to him empty.
“How have you been guys?”
“Same old. Can you believe Jimin’s still losing the business money? I thought he was a god in this industry”, Taehyung informed me indignantly. I feigned surprise at his words, but felt guilty inside.
Before I could respond, I heard a familiar high-pitched voice, and instantly felt Hoseok tense beside me. Yoongi just looked clueless as he turned to see the source of the noise.
“Hey Kookie!”
I didn’t bother turning, but saw the unmistakable flash of blonde as Dara came to sit next to Jungkook in the space that I’d left. He looked up at her in alarm, slight panic in his eyes. She greeted everyone- even Yoongi, someone she probably couldn’t even remember- but me.
I glanced at Hoseok and Taehyung, both of whom had developed a sudden interest in the table. I hadn’t even been there 5 minutes, yet I wanted to leave. Why was Jimin’s secretary so cos with my boyfriend? Of course Yoongi had to lean in and whisper for my ears only, “What did I say earlier?”
I leaned back into him. “This doesn’t prove anything.” I was going to keep an open mind until I saw something that told me he’d been cheating.
“Y/n...”, Jungkook breathed. I frowned. His voice sounded unnatural, strained. “How’s work going?”
“Great. Er.. Profit’s have doubled and to celebrate, Namjoon gave us all a raise.”
“Lucky you”, Taehyung grumbled, sounding jealous. I threw him a quick grin, but it soon dissipated when I heard Jungkook shallow breathing. My blood turned to ice when I saw the smirk on Dara’s face.
Before I could even process what was happening, I stood up abruptly, horrified. “Are you touching my boyfriend under the table?”, I hissed.
She didn’t even seem ashamed or bashful as Jungkook quickly moved her hand away from him and tried to stand, but thought better of it and remained sitting.
She actually giggled in response. “Just making him feel how you can’t babe.” I was seeing red. I motioned for Yoongi to move so I could slide out of the booth and started to walk away as fast as my heels would allow. Fuck her. Fuck Jungkook. Fuck Yoongi for actually being right about them.
“Y/n!” Jungkook’s voice only fuelled my anger as I stormed off at the thought of Jungkook and that slut. First Jungkook. Couldn’t she just leave me be?
He caught up, panting from the short burst of energy. He must have told the guys not to follow him because no one else was with him. “Y/n, I...”, I glared at him before he finally sighed, shutting his eyes as if to try and block everything out.
“I don’t know how to say this.”
“Then I’ll say it for you”, I snapped. “You cheated on me. With that whore of a secretary, no less. Why? I don’t know. Did you get bored of me? Is that it?”
He stayed silent, refusing to make eye contact. “I’m sorry”, was all he could say.
“Sorry won’t undo what you did. Since the week Jimin gave you your job back, I’ve been reaching out to you. Something was wrong...but I never suspecting you of cheating, Jungkook! I thought you loved me.”
“I do y/n, I do. I promise you I do. I care about you. But Jimin was giving me double the workload and Dara would always stay behind for the long hours thing led to another...”
“Well you can walk right back to her”, I answered, backing away from him. “Because we’re over. I can’t believe you... “.
“Y/n, please. No. Don’t leave me. Give me another chance and one day, we’ll look back at this and be glad that we didn't walk away from each other. Please.”
I was pissed beyond belief. All these weeks, I had trusted him. I saw the best in him. And he had been cheating. “You broke us. Not just me. Us. You killed this, not me. You can’t tell me to stay when you’ve been with her for so long. You’re worse than a cheater, Jungkook. You killed this. And top of that I was stupid enough to trust you.”
I shook m head in disbelief. “It’s ironic really. I was the one who got the job back for you, and that’s where it landed me. “
Still shaking my head, I tuned and slowly started walking away, feeling numb. It was weird. I always doubted my willpower. I always thought I’d be the one most likely to cheat on Jungkook, with Jimin. I guess not. I was stronger than I gave myself credit for.
Jungkook didn’t go after me, and the hurt only started to surge through me when I turned around to see he was gone. Hoseok’s car was still parked outside the cafe, so they were all there. I texted Yoongi to say I was going home and to let Hobi and Tae know, and sighed heavily as I trudged home, miserable.
The night Jungkook confessed to me, I honestly thought this relationship would last. I thought he loved me enough to never look at another girl like that. I was outside my old workplace, held still hung low when I bumped into someone’s chest.
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looki-”, my head shot up and wet eyes instantly widened at the sight before me. A pale, sleep-deprived Jimin. “Jimin?”, I breathed. His eyes flitted around my face, taking me in. “Y/n.” I revelled in the honey-like tone of his voice.
“Why are you crying?”
I looked down at the pavement. “I’m not. Hay fever.” He ducked down below, so that he was almost bent in half, his face obscuring the view of the pavement. I laughed at the ridiculous sight. He stood back up, a small smile etched on his face.
“What’s wrong beauti-y/n”, he corrected himself quickly. I repeated his words from a few weeks ago. “Go home Jimin, it’s getting late.” He laughed. “Yes Ma’am”, he mimicked my response. Before I could let out a laugh, he grabbed my hand. “But only if you come with me.”
I didn’t have the fight in me as I l let him drag me to his car. “Jimin...why haven’t you invested in that proposal with Namjoon yet?”
He glanced at me. “How do you know I haven’t? Namjoon tells you these things?” I shook my head. “I heard you’re making a loss. You know that proposal’s worth millions.”
“We’re scheduling to do so when Namjoon’s free.” I just nodded. Namjoon did have a lot on his plate right now. So much so, that to my amusement, he was currently on the hunt for a secretary. Yoongi didn’t find it funny when I suggested he should do it.
“But you’re a smart girl”, he murmured, once we were in his car. "Why do you think I’ve started to lose so much?” He looked at me pointedly, but I ignored it. “Well turnover can’t be that high right now. You also need to follow up on enquiries quicker. Maybe your marketing campaigns outdated.”
I stopped talking when he sped up the vehicle, my stomach doing somersaults at the increased speed. “Jimin!”, I squealed. For the moment, Jungkook was forgotten. “Oh my god, slow down, you're gonna get us killed!”
He just laughed and went faster, and I screamed louder. One hand gripped one of his shoulders for support and the other held onto the locked door handle of the passenger seat for dear life.
He slowed down and eventually stopped what looked like in the middle of nowhere. “You know, if you wanted to kill me, you could have just ran me over”, I commented, my voice still hoarse from screaming as I peered outside.
“I’ve not bought you here to kill you, he affirmed. “C’mon.” We both stepped out. I could see a tree in the distance, and he pointed to it. “We’re gonna walk to there.” I looked at him questioningly before proceeding to follow him.
After a couple of minutes, he asked, “Care to tell me why you were crying?”
“I...We...Jungkook and I broke up”, I finally managed to get out. Jimin stayed silent, like he sensed I had more to say. “Him and Dara...”, I trailed off, and he just nodded. “I had my suspicions.”
I looked at him blankly. “You’re not mad?”
“Why would I be mad? She isn’t anything to me. She can’t even make my bloody coffee properly.” I snorted in amusement. He smirked at me before saying, “ I would wish Jungkook the best but he already had it.” I groaned and hit his arm. “God, you’re so cheesy!”
We were almost at the tree. “I’m sorry about Jungkook”, he said, his tone more serious. “I could tell you really...loved him.” His and brushed mine a couple of times before I caught it and gave it a squeeze. “Thank you Jimin. You’re not the heartless prick I thought you were.”
The two of us chuckled as we finally reached the tree. He sat down in the shade and patted the grass next to him, motioning for me to sit. “Jimin”, I sighed. “Why are you being so nice to me?” With the exception of our last meeting, Jimin was always an arrogant, bossy asshole.
“You’ve just been through a breakup", as all he said. We sat in a comfortable silence, until he broke it with a yawn. “When was the last time you slept properly? I asked. He looked haggard.
“I haven’t slept properly since you came round. So it’s been a good few weeks.”
I turned to him in indignation. “You’re gonna make yourself ill!”
He shut his eyes and smiled. He looked so peaceful. “Don’t you worry about this manipulative, heartless prick”, he hummed, quoting the words I had called him. “I still stand by that”, I teased.He leaned forward to adjust his position, and I was just about to move back when he opened his eyes. We both froze, faces inches away from each other.
“Y/n”, he purred quietly, his silky voice washing over me. I was so transfixed on his face, I didn’t notice his hand move to brush the stray strands of hair out of my face. “Jimin”, I replied under my breath.
“He really did have the best”, Jimin murmured before pressing his lips onto mine. I sighed into the kiss immediately, feeling no guilt, no pressure to pull away. His hand was firm on the small of my back, pulling me into his lap. It was when his tongue grazed my lips he pulled away.
“I love you. I want you to be mine y/n. I wanna treat you to outings and parties and diamonds and-”
“-Diamonds? To be honest Jimin, I prefer food over a shiny, sparkling rock.” I laughed silently into his shoulder as he huffed at my response. “I love you too”, I whispered into his ear. I always had.
“We’re gonna get you home.”, he ordered suddenly. “You’re gonna put on that dress I bought you. Then I’m gonna take you out on a proper date. Then...”, he trailed off suggestively.
The two of us started laughing when I replied with a curt, “Yes Sir!”
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Omg...the good guy turned bad and the bad guy turned good. Beautiful! 😊
@slayyoongi you are on fire girl!!! Ohhhh please keep them coming! This poor old housewife needs some entertaining! 😘😘😘😘😍😍❤️❤️
jungkook....*sigh* and i thought he was the one*shakes head* i regret saying that now im glad she broke up with jungkook im just upset JUNGKOOK HOW COULD YOU!!! *shakes head and sighs* jimin nows your chance make it right this time and jungkook dont you DARE come in between them hobi taehyung teach that boy a lesson for goodness sakes you know whats going on DO SOMETHING!!!!!
@al3ashalnaqbi I'll be sure to do more CEO fics :)
I think I'll miss this fiction more than the others. I really liked Jimin character. ❤️❤️😭😭😭
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