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Edward Snowden has left the Moscow airport and is now allowed to stay in Russia for up to a year. Snowden left in a regular taxi, and plans to speak to Russian journalists once he has had a bit of time to himself. President Obama is scheduled to visit Russia soon, and I assume that plan is unchanged. The whistleblower can apply for one year extensions annually, and is planning to build a life in Russia.
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I doubt it, but thats just my opinion. There aren't many people outside of the US who worry about our credibility. Especially when we have a military that spends about as much as the rest of the world combined
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@curtisb true talks haha
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So do aircraft carriers
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It's interesting to see what will happen in the 1 year after his asylum ends. Is it true that the US has not given back fugitives to Russia which may have been the reason as to why the granted his asylum?
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Possibly, I think he can renew his visa annually with no limit. I wonder if he won't try to find a more permanent solution in latin america?
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