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Okay, we've got a lot of his abs and seductive gaze. But I think this man's smile--when he's not distracting by licking his lips--is also one of his many appeals. So prepare yourselves for what comes next...
Whether it's his band mates or Storias that get him grinning his smile lights up any bad day you're having!
Genuine smiles are the best!
Aww, even waving is cute.
Seriously, Kyungil, how do you do it?
Isn't this man a threat with just a grin?
This has to be my favorite smiles of his...
Is it just me or is nothing better than when he's SO happy?
So sweet and cute with just the charm of his grin!
Okay, this man is illegal. I am out of here! *photo cred to their respected owners*
this man will be the the death of me.
He's so cute I love him ❤❤❤
i love his genuine smile so much
ah. this boy is killing me😍
That's why he's my History bias.
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