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시골 (shee-gohl)

도시 (doh-shi)

I grew up in the suburbs so I like a little of both. I think I'd prefer to live in a city but I want to relax and get away in the countryside to clear my mind :3

What about you?

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도시, I would like to try the city, I've lived in the country all my life, so I would try, 도시!
a year ago·Reply
I live in a suburban area. I've decided not to ever leave. So I like a little bit of both.
a year ago·Reply
i prefer 시골 but it would be nice to have the same stores and food available there like in 도시
a year ago·Reply
i grew up in the suburbs as well but i think im opposite of you where id wanna live in a little more secluded area but be close enough to a city so i could spend time there a lot !!!
a year ago·Reply
도시! Lived in the suburbs, country, and city. City is awesome and so convenient
a year ago·Reply