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Most people know about animal-style burgers and fries, even the odd "Protein-style" (using lettuce instead of buns), but did you know about... The Flying Dutchman is basically a 2X2 (two patties, two cheese slices) with out the bun and sauce. The Root Beer Float is supposedly a very pleasant surprise to many -- try it if you're on the West Coast right now!
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Damn I never knew about the root beer float. Gotta try that next time!
@miranpark88 haha maybe it's a good no-carb diet? @JohnLee me too! dunno when I'll be on the west coast though..
@minjaeturtles now i'm wondering why its named the flying dutch.....
@miranpark88 that's a good question. I can't find anything online so I've asked around... the best answer I got: the "flying dutchman" is a ghost ship that can't dock at any port, so the meat is the flying dutchman and the bun is the metaphorical dock....Does that make sense? lol
what possible reason would there be to go without the delicious bun