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I'm gonna break my review up into sections. Because there's just so much.
I love the dark carnival look. The dancers are great. I really want to learn some of this choreography. Jay looks good. As always. Ugly is fine. Did you see him in those glasses? & that entire outfit period? The cards, in the video, have 'Jay Park & Ugly Duck' on them. At the end, when the cards are just on the black screen, they change to 'Jay Park & Ugry Duck.' Watt???
The beat is great. Definitely makes you want to dance. Cha Cha is a genius. He produces the most amazing songs & I honestly can't pick who I favor between him & Gray. 😫
Jay Park subs all of the videos on this (his) channel. The captions are much appreciated, especially since they come from the CEO himself.
"They ain't fucking with us. Ah, nah, they ain't fucking with us"
I love this line so much. On the other hand, I don't want it to get overused. It was used in 'Mommae' by Jay, in the 'Mommae Remix' by Jay & Crush, & now this song.
"It ain't lit if we not there"
I would have liked this as the alternate title instead of 'Ain't No Party Like an AOMG Party.'
"They say there's nothing to eat at famous parties but there's a shitload of drinks"
I just liked this line. lol. AOMG seems like they would be the company to know a thing like this. Their IG's are covered with party pictures & honestly, I've never seen food in any of them. But alcohol? Plenty of that.
"Jay Park taking off his shirt flexing you see the females staring with eyes wide open"
I'm glad you know, Ugly. LET me see this man bare chested in front of me one day. MORE than my eyes will be open. I'm talking about my mouth, guys. My mouth would be open too. Chill.
"Andup was nice enough to translate. Ugly duck had a problem with my translations -_-"
Jay just had to let us know. 😂😂😂
What did you think of the video? Who's your favorite producer for AOMG? Who's your favorite pairing in AOMG? (I think mine is Simon & Jay. So much daddy at once.)