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Just finished this anime called Ajin: Demi Human, and this dude, Sato, was my favorite character!!! So basically this anime is about these people who can't die, Ajins. Humans don't like that, so they try to hunt all them down. Sato, who is an Ajin, and his followers take matters into their own hands to try to take down the humans. At the end of the anime, Kei, who is the main character and a free Ajin, announces that he and a accomplice will take down Sato, so Kei can obtain his peaceful life again. (Side note: Kei found out he was an Ajin, but doesn't really care about it as much as the others, and so he tries to live a normal life but fails to do so) But anywayssss, yes Sato is my favorite character. I like how he is an leader, and just plain awesome. I advice that you guys qatch it because it's good. And I'm sure there's going to be a season two.