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After 2 weeks of being in vacation,

after countless airplane travels, (literally 4)

after countless ear hurting experiences on the plane,

I finally came back home to my computer and wifi and now I can finally make cards!

hello everyone! I'm sorry I'm late, I'm probably known by that bout now~

but yes, its official...

I'm part of the Astro mod squad!

A little bit about me ~^.^~

❀ My name is Davies....Emily Davies... (JamesBondReferenceAndAlsoSHOUTOUTTOMYBBSQUADWASSUP!?)
❀ I'm 16 :3
❀ Share the same year as Sanha but two months younger than him ^~^ (I'm June 30th)
❀ I'm actually Jin Jin biased, but first come first serve so I'll be posting about rocky! Although he is my second bias in this group >.<
❀ I literally can't stay in one place, if you are in those types of situations where you constantly move and stay there for 2 months to 2 years, THEN LETS CRY TOGETHER ON HAVING TO MOVE CONSTANTLY FROM OUR TEMPORARY LIVES ;-;
❀ My favorite color is black cause black goes with everything
❀ I love drawing, singing, dancing, designing, everything related to the arts really
❀ I don't do sports.....I just...don't. period. `~`

What I'll be doing is that every thursday, I get to slightly tilt the spotlight towards our one and only sexy dancer and adorable faceu~


Rocky: About time!

Me: Im sorry! OK?

But yes I'll be representing this cute little rascal every Thursday for this quarter!

Please look forward to my cards along with the other members cards and their days with their member!

Rocky: here, you're forgiven :)

Me: aww >////< really? thank you rocky!

Thank you Aroha!



Aroha Squad (Astro Mod Squad):

Astro Taglist:

If you would like to be tagged in future cards from the Aroha Mod Squad please make sure to comment on this card that @JiyongLeo posted! We want to keep the list as organized as possible!
Aye Catchya !!! I don't "sport" either lol~~(._______.) I'll also be looking forward to Thursdays from now on, Catchya #Fighting ❤❤🙌🙌
Catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is working!!!!!!!!!!our Maknae fighting!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘