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It's sad to say but our vacation came to and end all too fast. We had to go back to reality and for Yoongi and I back to seperate rooms. I was given their schedule for the next few months and it was pretty busy. Several concerts which we already knew but there were extra events in between those. Since they were hitting there 3 year there was about 2 weeks of things to do. The boys were working really hard. They lived for there fans as many of us already knew. There was one thing that we didn't expect. there was a party. The boys had to go to it and I had to tag along to keep them on track with any side interviews. Thankfully that was after all the concerts. Over the next 2 weeks we were always texting each other. But when we were alone it was perfect. Even though he was there and we could see each other not being able to touch was driving us both crazy so the moments we'd get to be alone were intense. "(y/n) will you go in a date with me?" "Yea of course. Where?" "I wanna go to the pool with you." "That sounds like fun. But shouldn't we do something not so out in the open?" "Well be fine I promise." He said kissing my head. "Ok. When are we going to do this?" "Tomorrow since we have a day before the hardcore concerts start." "Ok." I was a little worried. What was going to happen if someone saw us? "Hey guys let's go and eat now. You two are taking to long to talk." Jimin said walking into the room. "What are we not allowed to have a serious conversation?" Yoongi said "Not when we are all hungry." Jimin said pulled me out of the room. We all want noodles so we went to a shop that was close to the studio. Everyone was very talkative since it was almost time for them to do there Asia tour. The all talked about what each person's plans were for the next day. I said I was going to go out for the day and Yoongi said he would go swimmimg. I didn't think he was going to tell his actual plans. After that we all ate quickly and went home because we all were tired. The next day I left early. I met up with Yoongi at the pool so that know one knew we were going together. We picked a spot that was shady and not many people were around. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the pool. "Let's jump." He said and before I could protest he jumped pulling me with him. "You are so mean." I laughed and play hit him. "You love it." He pulled me close. "You're right I love it very much." He quickly kissed me. "I'm glad we can be together today." "Same here." He didn't want to let go of my hand at all so we just floated around the pool. At one point he let go of my hand and swam away. I didn't really care until he pulled me under water. He did the cutest thing, at least I thought it was cute. while we were under water he kissed me and we came up still kissing. He was being very affectionate which I was happy about but I was worried at the same time. What if people saw us. Yoongi really didn't think anyone was going to see us but I had a bad feeling. Finally after an hour we got out of the pool and had some watermelon and he had me sit between his legs while be put his arms around me. I turned my face towards him and some of my hair fell covering part of my face. "I love the affection you're giving but shouldn't we be careful?" I asked while he kissed my nose. "Today I don't care...If someone sees I'll fix it I promise." He kissed my forehead. "Ok." I turned around so I was facing him fully and connected our lips again. We spent another hour together at the pool then went back home. we had finished our showers and we're heading to the kitchen when Namjoon called everyone into the living room. He had to tell everyone what the plan was for the next day. Then we all ate and ended the day. I woke up and went to the kitchen but stopped when I heard my name mentioned. "We can't let (y/n) see this." Hoseok said "It's weird that he got caught." Tae commented. "Yea, but you know it makes sense he has been texting someone alot lately." Oh crap, we got caught yesterday! I turned away quietly and went to Yoongi's room. We needed to figure out what to do.
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