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What's up guys, John here.

Heize and Dean has releases another MV called "And July". This song is also the title track for Heize's new album. The album features both Heize and DEAN’s vocals. According to Soompi, the two artists also co-star in the music video as a couple that can’t live with each other but also can’t live without each other. Both “And July” and Heize’s last collaboration with DEAN “Shut Up and Groove” are included in Heize’s new mini album, which was released along with the music video on July 18 at midnight KST. Credit to info here
My Opinion: The MV was overall pretty good. I got the message soon enough and Heize and Dean are so cute together. The vocals were on point, I really like Heize vocals but I wanted more of her rapping skills. Dean, of course, was flawless like always lol(I'm DEAN trash ). Great job to the both of them. OVERALL I GIVE IT:

9 out of 10

Are you looking forward to her album? What are your thoughts on the song?

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