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I would like to say something!

I would like to tell all, mostly the people who have grown to notice, about my recent inactivity on Vingle. I am sorry to those who I have promised drawings to and to those people who have been waiting patiently for an update on any of my cards. Unfortunately, during my vacation, my mobile device was stolen and my IPod would not allow me to download anything new to it. I am very sorry to all of you, but now I am back! I will continue my old ways as soon as possible, so please do not fret my friends!
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Aw, thanks friend. @danidee
@DaHigster05 T_T Well I'm glad you're back!
Trust me, I was very upset about it. But, sometimes bad things happen... I guess I will just have to move on, right? @danidee
Oh no!!! :( I would be so mad if someone jacked my phone.
"Who the hell cares". - Peter Griffen @DaHigster05 jk glad you have a new phone now bestie!
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