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Jang Geun Suk Leaving for Japan to Spend His Birthday With Eels at Fan Meeting [August 1] cr: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/10096/20130801/jang-geun-suk-leaving-japan-spend-birthday-eels-fan-meeting/page8.htm
Hello, A text about women based on ancient sources is being compiled and may become a complete book in a month or two. In short, it states that: “Every woman considers herself an individual. In vain, as regardless of race, ethnicity, profession and so on, no woman is an individual. Every woman lives as man programmed her to live, as it is convenient for him, as he wants her to. But, women do not even suspect who produces images for what they consider their "Self," and why. Men’s intent is simple: to have total control over the psyche and the physiology of any woman because an image is the basis of functioning of any person. Providing an image to a woman ensures that she will live and function strictly according to this image. Also, an image is the basis for control of any person, as well as the basis of knowledge about her/him. Men create images. Therefore, they know exactly what image is behind this or that behavior of a woman. But, women are sure that images that they use (including for construction of their "Self-Image," that they consider their individuality) are a secret. In other words, men achieved what they wanted: from potential goddesses, women were made into logs, a resource, a consumable material from which a man can make whatever he likes. Even a quick historical review, readily available statistics make it clear that women are allowed only into already constructed and functioning system built by men. And, women are allowed to act only based on and within images that the system dictates. Women lost the "war between the sexes." Since the time of birth women are being made into logs with legs spread wide, as an indication of their main purpose—to participate in the reproduction of the human race, and be pleasant toys in the hands of men. Most important is to not forget to tell women, who "love through their ears," that they are wonderful, priceless, how much men love them and depend on them. Long ago women were programmed to believe in any nonsense, instead of seeing and analyzing facts (as well as history).” Full version is available online for free, just search for “A Log With Legs Spread Wide” or ISBNs 9781311155771 & 9781311915603. What specific opposing arguments can you provide? What do you think about the information? How do you think about it? What are you going to do about it? Do you think this information will be of interest not only to you, but other women as well? Is there any mention of this in various women’s movements, communities, parties? Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Kate kbazilevsky@gmail.com
Just realized he has the same birthday as my mom!
Happy Birthday Oppa
soooo cooool nice outfit huh,
woow we are born on the same day.......
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