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Hello! So I had a lot going on this past week, I was not able to get my cards up. β™‘

β™’ I will try to get some up today.

(If you are in my multiple tag lists, I apologize in advance for the influx of cards you will be tagged in.)

β˜† I made the photo XD CAN YOU TELL THAT HE'S MY BIAS?!

β˜† Eunkwang is such a cutie PATOOTIE. I really love him.

β˜† I call him my dancing machine because lookit. . . he's absolutely adorable.

β˜† I will be fighting you if you disagree . . .


β˜† I mean look at those moves, how can you deny him that title?!

β˜† He's got the mo-oooo-oooooo-ooooooves like Jagger β™‘

Fun Facts On EunKwangie Bear:

β˜† Leader of BtoB β˜† His celebrity friends include A Pink, 4Minute, and Boyfriend’s DongHyun β˜† His favorite movie series is Harry Potter β˜† His hobbies are soccer, billiards, and piano β˜†He has a younger brother. β˜† He has a bad habit of shaking his legs. β˜† He likes to listen to emotional songs and his role model is Kim Bum Soo. β˜† His favorite food is nurungi, which is a traditional Korean food made with scorched rice and his favorite dish is baeksook, which is meat or fish that is boiled or steamed without seasoning. β˜† His favorite color is blue and his favorite number is 7. β˜† His favorite movie is the Harry Potter Series. β˜† He likes to play soccer. β˜† His nickname, given by his fans is Seo-Eun-Kwang-Chang-Luck. β˜† He is in charge of singing the chorus for the group. β˜† He can listen to a song and harmonize on the spot. β˜† When he gets nervous he prays. He prays before live performances. β˜† He likes to have an unbalanced style, like wearing loose pants and t-shirts, and he likes unusual patterns. β˜† He knows how to play the piano. β˜† His ideal type is someone with a big mouth and eyes that look attractive when she smiles. β˜† Motto: The higher you go, the lower you should become.

β˜† Melody Mod Squad β˜†

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@JaxomB Yeassss! I agree. He's a delight to watch, and listen too. I love how he is his own person β™‘ I can't wait either!! That will definitely bruise my KOKORO. β™‘
Eunkwang is such a doll, and I love just listening to him sing. He's one of the.best leaders, as he's definitely not afraid to do almost anything. I can't wait for their "sexy" comeback concept, especially since I have never really viewed Eunkwang that way.
@Helixx I love you girls too!! It's not a problem at all!! I am extremely happy I have it up!! β™‘
@AimeeH No worries. Life happens to us all and every one of us gets behind or needs help sometimes. Every one of us understands so don't you worry about it. It's a great card though, so you should be happy about that. I love you Aimee, thanks for getting the card up.
@Helixx Yayyyy! I'm so glad you love it Helixx!! I am so sorry it was so late!! β™‘β™‘
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