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Hello my fellow Topp Klass! It's me, Melissa, your Topp Dogg mod supporter. It's Monday, which means it's B-joo Monday! It's time to show him some love and appreciation. This week, I'll be showing what I love about B-joo.
What I love the most about B-joo is his smile and especially his hair.
B-joo's hair was one of the first things I noticed about him. He has amazing voice but his hair. I was like I love that hair. I saw him in their video Topp Dogg. His hair! I just loved that puffy hair do. Don't get me wrong, I still love this current do also.
I love B-joo's smile. It's like sweet and innocent.
Then you see this, and he's not so innocent. Is it wrong to find this attractive? I hope not...
He's so floooooofffyyyyyyyyy!! ♡♡
@MelissaGarza your welcome haha and ikr haha he is a fluff ball tho lol he is the cutties in toppdogg to be besides xero i like him to
@taetaebaozi Thanks! I was trying to think of a way describe B-joo's hair. Fluff ball fits perfect 😁
kyahhhhhhhhhhh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b-joo my baby why you gotta be so cuteee~ you freaking fluff ball of a person