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My next small tat will be Luffys eye scar!! After I have officially decided I'm staying out of Army, haha!! Gonna get it in a thin black wash/ gray look. It will be noticeable but only from up close and I want it to look very scar realistic but obviously matching Luffy's exactly as well!! It just won't be super dark like this appears here!! The second pic is my First (Big) One Piece Tat. It will be below my current upper chest piece of Naruto V. Sasuke!! It will be positioned a little lower than Luffy's scar but will be a little wider spread to make up for it and look just like his!! Above the middle of the scar it will say, in a special design, "Straw Hats". Below the middle of the scar it will say RIP A(Sx)CE as it appears on ACE's arm of course!! Then above the "Straw Hats" wording a couple inches up in larger lettering it will say NAKAMA 4 EVER!! Again in special type of bold lettering!! Those will be my first One Piece Tattoos, haha crazy that I don't even have one yet. I have a handful of Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal, DBZ. So next is OP and then Fairy Tail and then of course my legs which will be either a collage of multiple animes or I might do the calf of my right leg be an awesome battle/ practice assassination scene drawn from ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM!! Since that anime has become one of my tops now and I am in love!! Of course I will have ANIME IS LIFE tattooed down my left arm but tattooed each letter horizontally to match my right tattoo of words(lyrics from TAKING BACK SUNDAY) song Bonus Mosh Pt.2!! Lyrics going down my arm say "It's Love Make It Hurt!" Anyways I will be covered literally an entire suit piece of tattoos!! As well as the parts of 9 tails, Kurama, that you can see on a bit of my neck and my Luffy eye scar!! What do you think crew?? @KurosakiJess @HunnaBallue @DevilsSon @nimm14 @ChrisStephens The chest piece will represent not only Ace and of course Luffy and One Piece in General but also all of you!! The NAKAMA 4 EVER is there to represent not only NAKAMA in general but also to represent my current crew!! Slowly I will fill near the scar the Jolly Roger of each member of the crew like Zoro's skull and 3 swords and all the rest for every member!! So this means YOU NAKAMA!! Will be a part of me and my tattoo as well as representing my first ever official crew and Straw Hat NAKAMA!! So hope your all proud to be part of my tattoo!! If I get it finished in time, I'll take a quote from each of you or your member you are and have that in mini wording around each crew members Jolly Roger emblem!! So you will be a part of my crew NAKAMA!! Haha Hope you like this idea crew and of course NAKAMA!! Anime Tattoo Crazy!! Anime Is Life!! One Piece is Love!!
Awsome tattoo plans
When will you run out of body space once you've created the ultimate walking anime man?
@sammcallister haha I wish tomorrow but probably in years after I graduate n hopefully get a different job and just start strong work every weekend as my form of partying since I don't drink really or go out so tattoo sessions and anime binges will be my future weekends haha'.
Keep studying hard and writing your ass off and its really gna pay off !!!