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No I haven't finsihed iKon smut yet butI have been neglecting my duties as GOT7 support im sorry @luna1171 so to make it up here is some Mark smut
You were just coming out of the shower, your towel wrapped around you, another one in your hands to dry your hair, when you saw how Mark is still laying around in bed. The covers were pulled up to his nose as he turned around, the sound of fresh washed bed sheets shifting, filling the room. “Come on, Mark, wake up. You’re not here to lay in bed all day.” You threw the damp towel, landing on his head. The lump under the sheets moved with a grunt as Mark finally showed his face. He pulled the towel off his face, throwing it onto the floor. He looked around with half sleepy eyes, his hair still in messy bed state. “I didn’t even notice you leaving the bed.” His voice sounded low and crispy. God, you loved his morning voice. His eyes met yours and he scanned your body. The towel wrapped around you was big enough to cover your feminine parts, but if you were to bend down, you’d totally be on display. “And a good morning it is”, he said smirking as he playfully bit his lip. You sighed, turning around to face your closet. “Go take a shower. I’ll make you some breakfast when you’re done”, you said, your fingers separating the clothes hangers, trying to find an outfit to wear. You heard the bed shift and the covers move as Mark sat up, a pillow resting on his lap, leaning forward, looking at you intently. You laid your outfit out on the bed, but Mark got a hold of it, throwing it on the ground as he moved closer to you.
“Wow, real mature Mark. I thought you were better than this”, you said as you let out a sigh. “Drop the towel, baby”, he ordered, his voice dark and low as he bit his lip. You took a step back when he reached for your waist. The bed sheets covered his toned abs, but still allowed you to see a bit of his firm chest. “Oh no, you’re not dragging me back into this bed. We already stayed in bed all day, yesterday. I want to do stuff today.” You said, leaning against your dressing table. “I know some stuff we can do”, Mark answered as you saw his pearly whites biting down his bottom lip seductively. “I know what you’re thinking, Mark. And I’m not falling for it, this time”, you answered with your arms crossed over your chest. Marks eyes burned a hole in your body as they scanned you, before they met up with yours. “Come on, (Y/N). Stop pretending you don’t want me. I bet you’re dripping underneath that towel”, he said, his eyes flickering. You turned your head away, avoiding eye contact. You lowered your arms, grabbing the edge of the dressing table. “If you didn’t want me right now, you wouldn’t have entered the bedroom in only a towel. I know what you’re trying to do”, his eyebrows raised as he stared at you with a lustful look. “(Y/N)”, he called for you to turn your head, but you didn’t response. Your knuckles turned white as your grip tightened. You felt your stomach getting bubbly, your clit began to ache and made you rub your thighs together. “See, you’re totally hot for me right now”, Mark smirked in satisfaction. “Don’t you want to feel my fingers, rubbing your delicious clit? My tongue dipping inside of you as you tremble under my touch?” He looked at you as you awkwardly shifted against the dressing table. “I could just fuck you on that table right there, you know”, he said grinning. “Your head facing the mirror as you watch yourself cum around my cock”, he licked his lips seductively. The pool of arousal grew larger and you felt your skin tingle, your face turning red. “Stop it!” you yelled, your voice cracking midway. “Ah, come on, (Y/N)”, Mark said with a smug expression on his face as he moved forward. “I’m not only using this pillow for comfort, babe. I’m hard-on, too”, he smirked. “I want you, (Y/N). Right here. Right now.” You looked at him with dark eyes, your breath picking up its speed. Mark paused his sentence as he looked back at you, shifting body and biting his lip. “Come here, baby girl. Sit on my face.”
“Fuck it”, you sighed as your hand reached for the end of your towel, tugging it loose and letting it slide down your body, ending up on the floor. Mark licked his lips as he kicked the blankets off his body, his head resting on your pillow. With small steps you walked over to him, your eyes scanning his body. His firm chest flexed a bit, making his abs look like a chocolate bar. Your eyes trailed further down his body, stopping at his boxers as you saw his large boner poke through the soft fabric. Your heart sped up just at the sight of it. You straddled him first, resting on his thighs, but he ordered you to move over to his face.
Your middle hovered above his head as your hands found the headboard of the bed to support yourself. Mark had his arms wrapped around your thighs as his fingers dug into your ass. “Hmmm”, he hummed against your clit, sending shivers down your spine. “I knew it. You’re dripping for me”, he smirked as his hands ordered you to start moving. Your hips bucked up against his face, moving in small circles as his lips started to work on your clit. Your breath hitched in your throat. Your mouth filled up with saliva, but it wasn’t enough to sooth your already dry throat as breathy moans escaped your lips. You felt Marks lips on sucking on your clit as you bucked into them. The sucking sent vibrations that made your legs shiver. His teeth came in action, gently nibbling on your clit, making you whimper in pleasure. Your hips drew a steady pace as you felt his fingers dig into your skin. Mark flattened his tongue to lick along your slit, owning a loud moan from you. Your knuckles turned white as you tightened your grip on the headboard, your head falling forward, your hair framing your face. Your eyebrows were raised in pleasure as loud, breathy moans and whimpers left your lips. Your hips bucked up even more, trying to get as close to his tongue as possible as he drew wet figures around your clit. You cursed under your breath, your face and body glistening from the sweat. Mark moaned against your clit, making your body shiver. “M.. Mark.. Stop teasing”, you whimpered as his tongue ran over your slit once again. “I want you”, you moaned as your head fell back, your eyes closed. His tongue entered you, making you moan even louder as you bucked your hips onto his face with force. His fingers dug into your ass, leaving marks as his tongue slipped in and out of you. Your breath became more ragged, the burning sensation of your orgasm growing in the pit of your stomach, making your skin tingle. “I.. I’m close M-oh my god”, you cried out as your climax took over your body, making your legs shiver. You released like that, your juices dripping down Marks face as you tried to hold yourself up. He helped you come down from your high, letting you collapse next to him afterwards. He licked his lips, lapping up your juices as he smirked at you.
“You’re so fucking hot when you’re riding my face”, he grinned. “Do you want another round?” You slapped him, your breath still unstable as your chest heaved. “Shut up.”
He chuckled, wrapping an arm around you after he pulled the blankets over your naked body. “So”, Mark paused. “What stuff do you want to do today?” He asked. You sighed, rubbing your eyes before turning your back at him. “Staying in bed another day wouldn’t kill us”, you mumbled, and Mark laughed, kissing your forehead before hugging you to sleep
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well shhhhhiiiiittt! I can't even handle marks lip biting any more. I'll always think of this. lol I'm glad I didn't read this at work I screamed 'shit' too 😂😂😂😂
OMG I'm at work Lmfao I shouldn't read this. hold on I'll be back LMFAO
Oh S**T that was HOT!!!😲😲👌👍