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Sorry it's a little late, but now we know what the MV concept is. And without to much chit-chat, here is NCT 127's 'Fire Truck'
I'll be truthful, I was scratching my head for a while with this one because I hadn't read the concept yet. Which goes as follows: the boys are her guardian angel, and follow her through her life. They appear whenever she's in trouble, and have the water guns to emphasize the fact that it's summer. I think, taking it a bit further, the boys eventually become her grandson's angels as we see her close her eyes at the end and they walk over to the boy to protect him. I thought the video was really unusual and didn't seem to fit until I read SM's statement about the concept. Then everything made sense and I kinda fell for the group because of the concept. Seeing them as protectors changed my view on them, which was really small because I've never listened to their songs before. And now I've gotta go and get some more of their songs on my phone lol. And the dancing is on point! I mean, I'm a dance nerd being a dancer myself, and NCT 127 could compete with BTS in my mind. Which is very conflicting because I hold BTS very high for their dance skills. But NCT's dance style isn't one you see too often in Kpop, because they have a lot of isolation abilities and sets them apart from the cookie-cutter standards. And that's something I really like about these guys.

What are your thoughts? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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that's a cute concept but I did not like the song. NCT are hit and miss with me. I liked 7th sense and without you I think thats the other one.
I was wondering what the concept of the MV. Now I know and understand it. The song itself was good.