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come and get it
Brave:If your Brave good for u but you also have weakness its ok one day u will find someone who will teach u how to overcome it or even help u with it but be always brave it might come in handy
Happy: Be always happy and kind if u find a friends that is not well try to be friends and help him/her and find that they will always be there for u never foget to be always happy even in hard days find something that will make u feel better.
Romántic: Hey i u think he or her is right for u go get her or him tiger dont just judge the apperence check whats inside how the persona acts frst get to know him or her and ull know if it right.
Fighting: Cool u know how to fight but be sure its for a good reason try to use ur power for something good it dosent matter what people say dont let it get to u.
Shy:Hey everyone is Shy mostly in the embbaring things but when we are quite and dont participante that much we are Shy just get out here make friends and be ur self dont lisen to people that say bad things too u ok.
Música: If music is ur thing stay with it be the best u can be with it and love it and if it helps u get sad to happy stay with it!!!
Reading:If u love or like books stay wih it people say read chapter books insted manga just try to read some chapter books then manga do what u want
Cool:If ur Cool Cool but just dont forget its goo to be ur self not what people think of u but u.
Eating:Hey If u like to eat good for u but try some health food too its good to be in good shape just how u like it too be.
Gloomy:Hey wake up if ur Gloomy sometimes its ok when ur bored and ur daydreaming Cool but be sure to pay attention.
I hope my advice helps plz comment and likes plz thnx