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JB & Shaila (you)
It was fate that you were there. It was fate that was there. It was fate that we met again and again. You are my…


It was late and you had just gotten off work. You were so tired and cold, it didn't help that it was September and your home was like a 20 minute walk from work. You looked at your phone checking messages, miss calls, Instagram and Twitter, things to make time past by fast and less lonely. A friend had sent you a message saying that your favorite group of singers were having a concert soon and had ask if you were planning on going, but you couldn't. You didn't have enough money or time to go. As you walked the dark lonely streets, you heard life behind you, looking you saw nothing. You kept walking. Someone laughed and you jumped. You looked back again and saw a group of people off in the distance talking and laughing. They were all male so your started to get worried and tried to keep a good distance from them and prayed they won't notice you. Unfortunately they did and they were drunk.
As they stalked you and called you, you took off running and they chased you. one of them caught up with you, catching you by the arm. you phone fell and cracked. he pulled you close to his body and you could smell the stench of alcohol. you kneed him in the crotch and took off, but they were gaining on you. you turned right, straight into a dark alley and thats were you were trapped. your eyes wide, sweats of fear and rapid creating of terror, you turned back around and there they were, smiling at you. you screamed and they tackled you to the ground covering your mouth. As you fought with all your might you wondered, why is this happening to me, is this my fate? You fought like hell, but it was not enough, one against four.
"Where am I?" I spoke out loud. I was confused and lost.
"Who… who am I?" I couldn't remember anything, not my birthday, not my age, not my family, nor my name. I didn't realize how much pain I was in and the red that covered parts of my body and spilled out onto the black concrete I laid on.
(Oh god…someone save me… help me…)
I was alone and empty in the darkest corner of the world with nothing. Knowing this, I let the darkness consume me.
"Ugh, I'm so tired…" Practice ran late and the new dance was, somewhat, hard to do.
All the members were having trouble with it. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep. My phone kept buzzing in my pocket, pulling it out, I saw it was Jackson texting me. (This boy…) I sighed and read all five of his text messages, which didn't end there.
Jackson :
>Hung! <
> Are you sure you don't want 2 come with us? O.o<
> We getting ramyeon with CHEESE!^^<
> Hyung!<
> The dance is so hard! T.T<
> 2morrow why not relax instead of practice? XD<
(This kid can never stay on one topic. He's always all over the place.) I was to busy looking at my phone, debating about replying or not, then focusing on where I was going or if there were even fans or people who would recognize me. It was dark and I wore black and had my face mask on. I didn't think anyone would notice me. I stopped walking so I could reply to Jackson when I heard a slight whimper. I looked around and saw no one. I was alone in the street, or so I thought.
I heard it again, a faint sound. I looked to my right, into the alley. I couldn't see anything due to how dark it was and the fact that the street light shined down on me. I swore I saw movement. Peering deeper I saw her, lying there on the dirty concrete, bleeding out. I ran to her, skidding to a stop and dropping to my knees. I hesitantly touched her shoulder, she was cold as ice and her clothes was torn in certain parts. I checked her pulse. (Still alive.)
"Hey? Hey, I'm calling 119." She didn't respond. She must have been unconscious.
"119 state your emergency."
"There's an unconscious girl. She's loosing a lot of blood." I rushed as I took off my jacket and covered the girl with it.
" Ok, where are you located?" I gave them the address and the operator said they already sent an ambulance on their way.
I hung up after that and stayed with the girl. (Don't die, don't die.) I felt hopeless, I didn't know what to do. She had so many cuts and bleeding from them all. I only had two hands that were already covered in her blood. ( What the hell happened to you? Who would do this?) Her shirt had been torn at the collar revealing her chest. A sleeve was also missing, torn. She had bruises covering her body and small cuts on her eyebrow, cheek, and lip. She looked pale and I could barely see her chest rise and fall as she breathed.
When the ambulance arrived they put her on a gurney and started checking her vitals before carrying her inside. I got in with them and they took us to the closest hospital. Doctors rushed to her side. I heard one of them say she need to go into surgery and another saying she needed a blood transfusion.
I watched as they disappeared behind doors to the operation room. I sat down in the chairs that were there and waited. I felt like I had been there for hours. I did wait for hours and still heard nothing. I didn't know why, but I prayed she would make it, I prayed she would live, survive.
( You can't die. You must live…please…)
It's short for right now, but it will get longer and be continued, if you all wish. I wrote this story thinking of a friend who is in love with JB lol ;] You know who you are. XD
I hope you all like it, let me know your thoughts about it, please. Thank you!

Until next time!

~L out, PEACE!


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