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Earlier this week, Song Il Gook appeared for an interview to promote his most recent musical '42nd Street' and many questions were asked. Eventually, the topic of the triplets came up, and many of our dreams may now be on hold.
For those of us eagerly awaiting for the triplets to return to our screens with new roles, it may be years or not happen at all. Song Il Gook has said they have grown too much to appear on 'Return of Superman' again, but not to worry. He created an Instagram account (which can be found here) to post videos and pictures of the trio, but says he doesn't update many videos because they take so long to edit. He was also quoted saying he will support whatever the three may want to do as long as their dreams are crime free, because that's what his mother did for him growing up. She didn't push Song Il Gook to do anything, and he says he'll do the same for his children.
Song Il Gook then turned to the topic of how the kids know what mom does for a living, but are still figuring out what dad does. As we know, he's an actor but the boys don't see it that way. They see their dad as a different person with each role. And I think it's really cute how the three used to say their dad does 'Jang Young Shil' but over the past year have changed and began to say 'Julian Marsh'. Which are his roles from 'Return of Superman' and '42nd Street' respectively. In my opinion, these are three of the cutest kids you could ever meet, and have the cutest way of saying some things.

What were your reactions to the news? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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Their parents are intelligent and educated . They will have bright future . They are in good hands just like Haru ! They are my favourite kids .
The triplets are my fave on Return of Superman BUT I think their parents are making a good choice. They'll grow up beautifully. :')
My favorite thing was when Mingook used to talk to inanimate objects when they didn't do what he wanted them too! I definitely miss them on Return of Superman, but I agree with @aliahwhbmida they are in good hands and, like Haru, I am sure they will do well in life.