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Please visit the site for more info and the recipe. The following is just an excerpt from the site. "Perfect for St. Patrick's Day parties, this beer cheese fondue is made with Irish cheddar and Guinness, the stout Irish beer. Your friends will loooovvee this recipe. And once you have it made, you can leave it on low in a crockpot or fondue pot and forget it! Best of all, it's self-serve; you just need to make sure you have enough because your guests will scarf this down. Seriously, it might be my new obsession. And don't worry if St. Patrick's Day is long past, this is a wonderful starter for a party, an appetizer for a dinner party, or a nice dinner for two in front of the fire."
beer cheese fondue? wow I did trt normal fondue, bht first time heard this !! looks really good though.
oh my goodness! i need to do this! my friend and i miss ireland too much :( thanks for the recipe!
@GuzmanDiaz Fondue is one of my faves. @oj1992 XD Food is what brings us together. (^_^) @PaulLim That's a good question. It really depends on your taste preferences, really. I've found that dark lagers work well and give it more taste than light beer. A brown ale would also work well. I would experiment to see what you like. You may find that you don't prefer any of those at all. Let me know if you try making it!
What alcohol would be good with this? :)
Cheese !
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