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D.O x OC Word count : 1085 Need to start from the beginning? chapter 1 or just need to jump back a chapter? chapter 7 안녕여러분~
Good evening~잘 지내요?Brace comes a sad chapter. 근데 울지 마세요!!
D.O was very professional when it came to EXO, but he couldn't hide his giddiness when he heard his phone buzz with a message from Lauren. Suho had confiscated all cell phones during practices to avoid the boys from being distracted. Everyone complained. Kai and Lay, the best dancers of the group, helped the boys perfect the points of the dances. Baekhyun, D.O, Xiumin and Chen -- the vocal team -- would hold separate rehearsals to adjust each other's tones. Suho nagged. Chanyeol and Sehun practiced their raps and tried to improv raps. Everyone had busy tasks. Eventually the phone business stopped being a problem. The boys kicked their habits of looking at their phones during practices and focused on their promotions. D.O was happy again spending more quality time with the boys -- sometimes going out drinking after an intense practice or from being yelled at from the managers. I wish I could meet you again, D.O. Lauren texted him frequently. D.O wishes to see her as well, but is too busy to talk to her let alone meet with her. The boys were scheduled tightly for the next couple of days. Once those will pass, it will be smooth sailing for about a week. Not too long :) We will meet soon. D.O would respond to her. Even though they couldn't talk much during the day for his rehearsals, he would send her a mini-schedule of his day to her. Meetings. Radio shows. Rehearsals. Performances. Photo shoots. Anything he was doing with the group. Lauren started doing the same by sending her schedule of her day. Cooking. Reading. Taking mini-classes at the library. Doctors appointments. Shot schedule. Sometimes she sounded scared. She wouldn't sound as enthusiastic about her days that she had to visit the doctor for tests. Lauren wanted to see him again. D.O couldn't wait to see her again. It was 9pm and the boys were slouching on the chairs in the dance room catching their breaths after a long practice. D.O was staring at his phone reading over his latest conversation. Lauren (Fri 10:02 pm): My mother can't sleep tonight so she's here next to me on my bed. D.O (Fri 10:05 pm): I can't sleep tonight as well. Lauren (Fri 10:06 pm): Why's that? D.O (Fri 10:10 pm): Because I miss you. Lauren (Fri 10:11 pm): Hold up. ... Lauren (Fri 10:12 pm): She's crying...? . . . Lauren (Fri 10:35 pm): Kyungsoo -- I don't know how many times I can say thank you. You made my life very enjoyable and always put a smile on my face. Right now I would love to hear your singing. I've put in the CD you gave me into my laptop for my mother to listen to while she sleeps. Thank you. D.O (Fri 10:55 pm): Haha why are you like this? Always so sappy ;P . . . D.O (Sat 8:15 am): Good morning. Busy schedule today!! Suho is brainwashing us into being paranoid about our comeback. So long practices today. Don't think I'll be able to call. D.O (Sat 11:39 pm): Hey! Sleep well D.O (Sunday 2:30 pm): Lauren? I miss you. What's going on? D.O (Monday 10:50pm): Hi. Call me. "Hyung!" Sehun pestered D.O. "I've been trying to get your attention!!" D.O snaped his head up from his phone. The boys were trying to get back to practice. It had been 3 uncomfortable days as Lauren wouldn't reply; D.O couldn't focus since he was confused and concerned. He liked her so much it hurt him that she wasn't responding. Practice ended and everyone went back to the dorms to freshen up. "D.O-yah...let's go to the PC room! It's getting late so not many people will notice us." He ignored Xiumin's offer. "Late night movie, anyone?" Chen suggested. "D.O hyung~ can you bake us some cookies?" Sehun pouted his bottom lip. D.O shrugged everyone off and went to his room, shutting his door and going straight to bed. Something seemed wrong. It was nearly 4 in the morning and there was muffling throughout the dorm. Kai switched a lamp on. The two boys in the room looked at each other as they tried deciphering the voices outside. "D.O?...he's sleeping right now...You think we should wake him now?! We should rest. He should rest." Why was the commotion explicitly mentioning D.O? Kai stood up and creaked the door open to listen in. "What's going on?" Kai asked opening the door wider. "Yah! Quiet! Is D.O asleep?" Lay whisper-shouted. " you were all being noisy and woke us up." Kai respond. "Fuck -- I told you all to settle down rather than argue with m-- Ooh D.O!!" Suho tried to seem calm as D.O peered his head behind Kai's shoulder. "Hey it's like 4 in the morning. What's going on? Do we have a different schedule tomorrow? More promotions?" he asked while the two roommates shuffled into the den with all of their friends. "No no no. . . How about you sit down, D.O?" Baekhyun suggested. D.O sat towards the middle of the den and all the boys gathered round. "Fuck. I didn't want to have to be the one to say this." Suho hesitated. D.O just stared back. "Well?" He had to probe as everyone stayed quiet gauging his emotions. "D.O...Lauren is in the hospital. It's looking pretty serious." Suho could hardly finish his sentence before a teary-eyed D.O was rushing to his room to grab a jacket and face cover. He bolted out the door with Chanyeol and Kai following and trying to disguise themselves from fans that might be out. D.O was crying hard and could barely see while running. Chanyeol grabbed his arm and led him to the hospital. The three of them ran into the lobby and Kai took his mask down, getting a few looks from patients and nurses. "Room 403!" Kai shoved them in the direction. Before going in, Chanyeol and Kai helped D.O wipe his tears away and look presentable. He opened the door slowly and saw Lauren laying with her face away. He could see her beautiful black locks flowing down the side of the bed. Her parents sniffling back tears as they motioned for him to come in. He bowed slightly towards them, wiping more tears that didn't seem to stop falling. He took 3 deep breaths and with a shaky voice called for her: "Lauren." This time, she didn't turn around.
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