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Hello! How was everyone's weekend?

It was raining for me all week, so I stayed home on Saturday. I did some cooking, cleaning and then went out to a cafe. Then, in the evening I caught up with a couple of dramas.
Currently watching:

Love @ Seventeen

This drama is almost done airing! All the mystery and misunderstanding is finally coming to an end. I can't wait for the next episode!

Better Man

This is a weekday drama. I'm surprised I've been keeping up and not get bored. The brother is finally dating but the dad seems to disapprove of the big age gap. Hopefully, the first pair can overcome this affliction.

Drunken to Love You

Thanks to @biancadanica98 and @petname83 I started watching this drama over the weekend. It's easier to watch dramas that are done airing because I could skip boring or repetitive scenes and move on to the next episode without spending too much time streaming.

The Good Wife (Korean Drama)

My husband was the one who wanted to watch this one together. He's into political and crime investigation drama. It's currently airing so we only watched two episodes and save the rest for the weekend.

What is everyone watching?

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@KiinLyr no problem😊
a year ago·Reply
@Mavis2478 Awesome suggestions. Out of the six you listed, I only watched Love Now. Btw, I added two of your suggestions to the drama directory! I hope you don't mind. ;)
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran of course I don't mind😊
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran these are actually dramas that I am currently watching but there are some other dramas that I like more than these (exept Rooftop Prince, I am rewatching it). Should I recommend them to you?
a year ago·Reply
@Mavis2478 Yup! Please do. =) I'm always down to watch dramas that have good storylines.
a year ago·Reply