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Gomenasai minna! I was busy yesterday that's why I didn't post. ANYWAYS today is the last day of Nakama intro week and it was amazing getting to know everyone that participated. Now for Sunday's Nakama question is was,who would be your life companion? Well let's see who it is.
My life companion would defiantly be Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara. Reason why I choose him is because.. I just love his outburst! XD they're so funny to watch like omg! But seriously he's actually a really sweet and good guy, he just has some anger issues which is totally understandable. But yea I choose Shizuo.
But I would mind if inuyasha was my life companion... Or kogami... Or karma.. Or gray or Uta or Natsu or Erza or Killua or Happy or Lubbuck..... ANYWAYS yea! That's my life companion. Thank you all who have participated to this! Now to tag my Nakama: @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @jealousshota @arnelli @ctsr1 @KokoroNoTakara @LorettaHon @Animefreak484 @CandyApple22 @SunnyMing94 @StarRainTearBow @OtakuDemon10 @Tylor619 @PASCUASIO @Kell13 Until next time everyone! Ja né!
😅 well @arnelli when you've seen a lot of cute anime guys from multiple animes you can't really help but choose most of them and @SunnyMing94 why thank you I choose my companions wisely pffft no not really I choose them for their cuteness and how well they fight and personality
@OtakuDemon10 thx I'll add it to my all ready endless list
Oooh whoops, that wasn't what I meant hehe 😅 and yes happy is just a friend @BlackDragon88
Nice list! More than one, but wait, Happy too? As friends you mean? Or... more...
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