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So I'm updating a little earlier in the night before I normally do to. Sarah did a really good part last time so now Jenni is on her own for a little bit. If you missed @SarahVanDorn 's part 20 there is a link for it.
Sarah had taken off right after the show leaving jenni on her own. Before Jenni could even leave the studio the boss called her into the office. She was a little bit nervous about it since it felt like going to the principal's office back in school. “Jenni there you are, where is your partner?” The man greeted her when she came into his office. The boss man was an older gentlemen with salt and pepper hair. He was stern but acted more like a father figure. “She went home already. Is there something that you needed from us?” Jenni asked. “A few days ago you talked on the radio about going to a concert and handing out your business card” He started. Oh no, were they getting in trouble for it? “Yes” she said slowly. “We had gone to a Got7 concert and since we had a hi touch Sarah slipped our card to them and said how much we would really like for them to come on air” Jenni recapped what happened. “Well we got a call from their manager last night” Boss man said. Jenni stared at him. “What really?” she was shocked. “This is not the way we normally invite guests onto the show. But the members of the group were interested in the show because of how you approached them.” he explained. “Really?” Jenni was getting excited. “Does this mean that they will be our guests?” “It does mean that” he said. Jenni couldn’t help the squeal that came out of her. “But” he interjected. “Oh no. Don’t tell me that there are rules” Her face fell. “Yes, there are” he gave her a stern look. “Since they know you are fans you are not allowed to touch them-” “What? How is that a rule? Why?” she whined. “Jennifer” he used her full name. “Hand shake. Normal talking, you cannot scare them away” he went on. “You didn’t give us rules for bts and you know how crazy Sarah is over them” Jenni said. “I learned from my mistake” he said. “Oh please don’t do this to us! We’ll be good. We won’t don’t anything inappropriate. Besides you know we can handle ourselves when it comes to being on air” Jenni tried to get out. “Two rules, No fan girling in front of them and no talking about inappropriate things” He held up two fingers and finally said what he wanted. “Fine fine I’ll agree to those two. It’s not like we would fan girl in front of them. Now that would just be weird” Jenni said standing up from her seat. “Is that all?” she questioned. “Good job getting a group to be a guest” he complimented them. “They will be on tomorrow at the later time” he told her. “Thank’s. I’ll let sarah know.” she said. “Or maybe not” she mumbled to herself. Should she keep it a secret until tomorrow. “The other thing. I’ve heard you two have been spending time with BTS members since they came on the show” he brought up another topic. “Yes. Is that a problem?” she still stood but now wondered if this conversation was going to be a long one to touch base with other things. “You seem to have more viewers in the morning ever since. I heard one show and that one of the members called in to talk” he said. “Yes” she said hesitantly. “Would they be interested in doing another show?” he questioned. “Wait we don’t do repeat groups, and if we do it’s several months apart” Jenni was confused. “We have gotten higher ratings since they have been on” he pointed out. “Okay, we’ll I’ll talk to them and see what they say about it. Now is that all or is there anything else you wanted to talk about?” she asked finally being direct with him. “Well since I have you here why don't even go over your performance” he said. Ugh. She sank back into the seat. “You have been doing very well aside from some conversations you've had, though they have been taking place in the morning show you thankfully don't have young listeners” he pointed out. “But in the future sensor some of the topics” he scolded. “Okay “ she nodded. “Now, you hurt yourself yesterday?” he questioned. “Uh oh yea my eyes” she remembered the first incident of the day. “You have to be more careful child.” He told her. “otherwise we might just have to pad the studio so you don't hurt yourself” he laughed making her laugh. “I've never been in a padded room before. I don't know if that would be fun or scare the crap out of me” she said honestly. “Although I would probably want to bounce on of the walls” she thought out loud. “Well maybe we won't go that extreme” he said. “So are there any questions you have? “ he asked. “Yes, can you do me a favor and keep it on the DL that Got7 will be here tomorrow. I want to surprise Sarah with it when they come in. You know not put it into the paper for her?” Jenni questioned. He just laughed. “Is this to get back for the tickets she didn't tell you she got?” he questioned. Jenni stared at him blank face, “The concert tickets?” he hedged. “Got7, EXO! BTS?” she listed possible concerts. “I hadn't given her Exo but I do have access to some if you want to go”he told her. Oh my god. SHE GOT BTS AND DIDN’T TELL JENNI! “If you could I would be so thrilled “Jenni shot him smile. “So we're seeing BTS?” she questioned. “You didn't know?”he questioned than laughed. “You girls, sneaky. Their manager gave a set of tickets and since they were in your show you two got first dibs “ he explained. “Does that mean Exo will come on the show?” she perked up. “You can try and see about getting them too”he said. “awesome” she said His phone started to ring. “Okay is there anything else or should I let you get your phone? “ she asked. “That’s all” he nodded. “Go get some sleep before your next show” he said dismissing her. She left there feeling happy. Super ecstatic. When she went downstairs there was a group of people clustered around someone in the lobby. the person in question was smiling and signing pieces of paper. She got and wicked idea. Going into her bag she went in search of pen and paper even ands she walked in that direction. Once she dug the supplies out she was at the back of the group. A smile in place she went to stretch out her hand but instead someone knocked her over. A loud clanging went by and when she looked there was cart full of electronics that was close to hitting her. It hit the wall next to her instead. “that would have been bad” the girl who had pushed her out of the way commented, “Thanks for saving me” Jenni said dumbly. “No problem” she nodded before giving her a hand to help her up. Once she stood up Namjoon came over and asked if she was alright. “I’m good. Although it totally ruined my plan” Jenni sighed. “What plan?” he questioned. “To get your autograph” she stated. “You want an autorgraph?” he laughed as he took the pen and paper out of her hand. “Hey, Can you make it out to Panda?” She asked. “Panda?” he stopped and stared at her. “Panda” she repeated. Panda?” he questioned again. “Tiger!” She changed it up starting to get confused. She burst out laughing when he did. In the end he wrote it out to my klutz of a panda! “That is awesome. Now I can say you like Panda’s too” Jenni said. “What is the thing with Panda’s?” he questioned as they walked out of the building together. “ Oh a while ago me and Sarah had a topic about which was better Panda’s or wolves and than she wanted to be a tiger all of a sudden so it became Panda vs Tiger. Well Tiger defintaly wins but Panda’s can be vicious too” Jenni said making him laugh. “Are you walking me home? Because that is where I am going. I”m going to go yell at sarah until she wakes up and I can tell her I had to suffer through a meeting this entire time” Jenni ranted. She was in a very talkative mood. It seemed he wasn’t though, or maybe she just hadn’t given him a chance since after that Jenni talked the entire time they walked to the apartment. “Sorry I got a little carried away” She said when they approached her building. “It’s okay. I like hearing you talk” he said. “Thanks. Oh I was going to ask, what did you guys do last night?” she asked which made him grin. “Watched a horror movie” he said. “After sarah left we teased Kooki about how jealous he was on yoongi since sarah slept on him.” he added. “Now I feel bad for missing that” Jenni said. “No worries, maybe we’ll watch a horror movie tonight” he winked at her. “Just keep my mouth covered and we’ll be good” Jenni stated. She always made to much commentary when watching a horror. “I can arrange that” he said giving her a look. Oh she realized how that came across. She played along. “I’m game if you are” She grinned. “I’ll see you tonight” He said as he wrapped his arms around her in a hug. “Try not to hurt yourself” he said. They held onto each other for another moment before he unwrapped his arms. There was a tugging on the back of her head and it got worse as he pulled away from her. “Owe” She could help the whimper that came out of her as her hair practically tore out of her skull. “Oh hold on. Your hair is caught in my watch” he said as he gently started tugging at the strands caught in the watch. “After you tell me not to hurt myself you're doing it to me” She said laughing at the irony of it. “I’m sorry” he apologized. “Nah, as you can see at least one thing happens to me per day” she said as he finally got it detangled and than smoothed out her hair. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and told her to go inside. He didn’t leave until the door was shut. “Sarah get your boney but up! You left me stranded with boss man this morning!” she said bursting into sarah’s room.
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Omg I love this!!!!! Wait does this mean I get the next show???? Ooo I got more ideas....ok like 2 ideas...I'm sick ready to write
@SarahVanDorn we very it up with other animals. sometimes. like the whole unicorn vs Pegasus or sewer rat vs panda. they get creepy.
@SerenaArthurs I started laughing at your comment Yea @SweetDuella can't get off the panda thing we love to have this debated several times...
@SerenaArthurs I did a repeat 😭 there was a Panda vs wolves in my previous fan fiction 'Fly me away' I just can't get over this panda kick, I love them so much.
The tiger and panda part reminds me of another fanfic where two girls are talking about pandas on a plane ride but I can't remember what it's called....
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