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So someone made that Fanfic and its AMAZING.... so i thought why not share it with you all :D
Genre: Fluff, Angst (it might change in the next chapters) GANG AU
Jimin x Reader
Words: 2.215
Summary: You had just came to Seoul for university. But things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and so you end up staying with your childhood best friend Jungkook. Something’s off though, Jungkook is keeping things from you.
You had arrived in Seoul today and wanted to just take a quick look at your new apartment before doing a bit of sightseeing. Back in Busan you had decided to not take a room in the dormitory of your new university since the rooms looked too small and not clean at all. However, when you were following your gps through the streets of Seoul now, you started questioning if it had been the right decision.
The city was so much bigger than what you were used to and it made you feel like you could never possibly belong here. The fact that you basically did not know anyone here did not help with that either.
Well, technically you did know someone. An old childhood friend of yours had moved here a couple of years ago. At the time you two had been really close but since he moved you had not heared a single word from him.
But since your mother had been so scared about you moving to a strange city she had contacted his mom and gotten you his current phone number. “Just in case” you had smiled at her and nodded.
You were not going to call him. It had been too long since you had known him. When your mom hed left you had tossed the number into your backpack not even taking the time to save it in your phone.
The longer you were walking through the streets, the more sceptical you got. The streets got darker, even though it was still the middle of the day . The street looked dirty and smelled and when you thought it couldn’t get any less friendly, the GPS showed that you had arrived.
As you took the key from under the door mat and walked through the hallway, you thought maybe your apartment was just the only renovated one. Maybe it was facing another part of the city, a better part. Maybe you were just too pessimistic about this.
Or maybe luck was just not on your side. When you opened the door you could only stare. It definitely did not look like the photos on the Internet. The photos had shown a clean, very small but nice apartment. So far out of those things it was only very small.
You didn’t even dare to enter and just stood there for what seemed like eternity. Of course you hadn’t expected a five star hotel room… But here you could basically see the mattress moving. You decided not to think about whether the red thing on the wall was blood or just paint.
Sitting down on your luggage, you take out your phone. All you wanted was to call your mother and have her come and get you back home. But you couldn’t do that. You couldn’t worry her with your current situation and you couldn’t give up your place at the university.
The only thing left you for you to do was call your childhood friend. You search in your bag and after the longest time you finally find the crumbled up paper with his number on. Biting your lip in order not to cry, you type in the digits.
After two rings a man’s voice answers “Hello?” “Um.. hi, it’s me, y/n” before you can say anything else the voice cuts you off “Jungkook, doesn’t have time. So I’ll hang up now”
“No! Please don’t. Please don’t. His mother said I should ask him if I need anything” Ok, maybe she had not exactly said that to you, but surely to your mother at one point or another.
A few seconds later the guy spoke again this time only slightly less hostile: “He’s showering right now but he should be done soon. So just wait until then”
You can’t hear anything after that so you just assume he put you on mute. Only two minutes later you hear a more familiar voice from the other side of the line
“Yeah” he chuckles “sorry, I was showering. I hope Yoongi-hyung was not too mean” He sounded so nice, just like all those years ago and you only laughed at his remark.
“He wasn’t. I was calling because I just arrived here in Seoul and I thought maybe we can… Get a coffee together” You internally face palmed yourself.
“Yeah sure” surprisingly he sounded genuinely excited and continued “But I don’t really know when I have time today… How about I just send you my address and you can wait for me here until I’m back”
Normally, you would have called him out on thinking the whole world revolved around him but right now you were just too glad you got to leave this place.
“That sounds great”
“Perfect.. take a taxi. One of the guys that lives with me will pay for it, if I’m not here.”
“See you later” you could hear him smile and then he hung up. Sighing you called a taxi.
The taxi driver seemed a little reluctant about driving into your area but in the end he agreed.
Only half an hour later you saw the taxi finally pull into your street and park in front of you. Since you had also found out that the lock on your door did not work at all, and since if anyhow possible you did not want to come back here, you put your luggage into the back of the taxi.
After showing the driver Jungkook’s address, you were finally able to rest your head against the window. A tear started rolling down your cheek. Never had you felt so helpless. There were still two weeks until university and the only person you had right now was Jungkook. And at the moment you would probably not even recognize him in a crowd. More tears started falling and for the next forty-five minutes they did not stop rolling.
Luckily, the taxi driver had kept quiet about it and only spoke after stopping in front of a house. “This is the address. That would be 130$.”
“I… There’s a person inside the house that’s going to pay.” The car doors don’t unlock
“I’m sorry, I can’t let you out before you pay” the driver tells you.
“But…” A knocking against the driver’s window interrupts you. The window is let down and someone gives 200$ to the driver.
“Just let her out, now”
The car’s doors directly unlocked and you started getting out. Another guy was already taking your luggage out of the car. He flashed you a big box smile when he noticed you looking at him. After he shut the door, the taxi drove away.
The guy with the box smile lead you towards a huge house and started introducing himself. “Hi, I’m Taehyung… And that’s Jimin” He pointed to the other guy, who winked at you. You gave both of them a small smile.
It wasn’t like you hated meeting new people but you were just not good at it. You weren’t one of those people who could easily start a conversation with everyone they see on the street. Neither one of them seemed to notice, though.
Taehyung just kept on talking “Jungkook said you two are childhood best friends.” You nodded even though it didn’t sound like a question. “It’s so exciting. We’ve never met someone Kook knew before he came here. But he talks….”
At this point you just zoned out not listening to his ramblings any longer. You knew it was rude but you were too drained to care. Instead you took a closer look at the house. It looked expensive and huge, especially since this was Seoul. The lock on the door was heavier than the ones back in Busan. Maybe they had a problem with burglars here.
“Y/n?” Taehyung saying your name made you snap out of your thoughts.
“Huh?” Jimin laughed at your confused look. Taehyung also had a smile on as he repeated his question “I asked why you brought all your luggage. Jungkook said you two were only meeting to grab a coffee.”
“Yeah, um…” Were you supposed to just tell them the truth? It seemed weird and too personal, so instead you answered “My Apartment won’t be ready for the next two weeks, so I still have to find a hotel room.”
Taehyung let himself fall on a sofa and suggested “You can just live with us for the time. Kook said you two were really close so it’s a given”
Jimin and you stared at him. This would basically solve all of your problems right now, but you barely knew these guys. And Jungkook had obviously exaggerated a little when he described your friendship.
“I…um…that’s a great offer but..”
“You can’t ask a girl to stay at a house with a bunch of guys she doesn’t know, Tae!” Jimin interrupted your stuttering.
“It was just an offer” Taehyung defended himself.
Jimin just turned to you “You can just sit down on the couch. We want to watch some tv, if that’s okay for you” You nodded and sat down on the other side of the couch as Taehyung, who was turning on the tv. A few seconds later Jimin let himself fall between the two of yours and put a bowl of popcorn on the table in front of you.From time to time one of you would eat something or switch the program but overall you just commented on the different situations and shows.
After about two hours Taehyung said “Kookie’s gonna be late. Like maybe he’ll arrive at 6.”
“Isn’t that a little late for getting coffee?“Jimin looked at you.
“Yeah… maybe I should just leave now.” Jimin nodded casually.
“Where is your hotel? I’ll drive you.”
“To be honest, I don’t exactly have a hotel yet.” Jimin raised an eyebrow at you but Taehyung just said, without looking up from his phone: “Told you, you should just stay here for the night.”
“I…I don’t know if that’s okay” was all you answered and since neither Taehyung, nor you, nor Jimin were standing up, it was indirectly decided that you would crash over at their house for the night.
At 8 in the afternoon Jungkook still hadn’t returned but Taehyung finally got a call. After he hung up, he looked at Jimin “They’re staying in Gwangju tonight and are coming back tomorrow.”
Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed together but only for a second until he said “I’ll get us some frozen pizzas then. Which type do you want, y/n?”
“Spinach” you answered, while thinking about why Jungkook was in Gwangju all of a sudden and what made him stay there so much longer than he had planned.
The later it got, the more boring the tv programs and the more sleepy you got. Your eyelids got heavier and heavier and at one point you just could not keep them open any longer.
“Taeyung-ah!!” Jimin’s loud voice abruptly woke you up. Sitting a meter away from you Taehyung was giggling like a little child and holding his phone that was still pointed at you. It took you a few seconds until the realization on what or more who your head was resting on hit you. Shocked you sat up and apologies started flowing from your mouth. Jimin aka your former bed just smiled at you almost cockily “It’s fine”.
Quickly you brought your hands to your face to cover it. You were so embarrassed. How could you have let yourself fall asleep on this stranger? Both guys giggled at your actions and you just refused to move until Taehyung came for your safety.
“Want to sleep in Kook’s bed instead for the rest of the night?” Without taking your hands down you nodded.
The boys stood up and lead you to a room down the hallway. Like the rest of the house, the room was huge. What made it different was how messy it was. There were more t-shirts lying on the floor than you could count, but nevertheless it still smelled amazing. It was just like Jungkook’s room had always been.
You smiled slightly, maybe Jungkook had not changed that much over the past years. Jimin put your luggage in the corner. “Good night~” Taehyung waved and gave you a box smile, before he closed the door behind him.
The room fell completely silent. Since you had already slept some time only minutes ago, you weren’t as tired as before anymore. You opened your suitcase and started changing into your sleeping wear.
When you were taking off your make-up, you looked into the mirror in front of you. Seeing your reflection right in front of you, your current situation came to your mind. What a mess of a day this had been. It had definitely not gone how you had imagined it and now you didn’t even know where you were going to sleep the next day. Or where you were going to live during the semester. The only thing you really knew was just how glad you were that the two boys had offered to let you stay here.
Sighing you finished your night routine and lay down in your friends bed. The bed was really comfortable and it didn’t take long for you to fall asleep again.
(I know this chapter isn’t really a gang AU yet, but it will turn into one in the next chapters. I just needed an introduction to the story.)
Tell me if you like it, so I'd keep posting the chapters ;D
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