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Okay this is definitely one of my favorite animes. I love this show so much, the first time I ever watched it I basically lived in my bedroom for days and I binge watched it till it was done. I remember I went to my grandmothers house one day and my uncle was watching it, that's how I found out about the show and I really liked it ^-^ The only thing I didn't like as much was the ending, I feel like it went way too fast and there could've been a lot more with all of that. My favorite character by far is definitely Hiei, he's so badass and tbh I think he's pretty hot too lmao xD When I finished watching the show I really wished there was more to watch lol Who else knows this show? I'd love to know what you guys think about it ^-^
This is my all time favorite anime!!
I remember seeing it when I was young I don't remember much because it was a while back but I remember being addicted to it, so I'm probably going to watch it again.
YYH is where it began for me ❤ It will always be a favorite of mine. for a week i did nothing but binge. ending was good..but i wish there was more as well
Love it. Currently watching it after not seeing it since it was on toonami when toonami came on at 7 pm/c
My fave characters were and still are Kurama and Hiei