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Nomination for favorite on-screen couple! RULES:

1. Make a card and share a picture, gif, or video of the power couple. 2. List the Drama Name and write a sentence about their chemistry.

The drama is called "JUST YOU"!

So, I can't possibly choose just one video of them. Therefore, I chose three. The 1st one is a cute scene of the two taking shelter because it was getting late and she almost drowned but he saved her. She caught a cold so he is helping to keep her warm. They are so natural with each other in this scene and it really shows that they are comfortable and not stiff. The 2nd one is a BTS video of their first real kiss and Liang Liang rehearsing how to fall on top of Qi Yi. The 3rd video is compiled of all the kiss scenes! I love their chemistry so much, it's so sweet and every time I watch the kiss scenes I get butterfly and can't help but scream from the cuteness overload. This is a ship that I wish would become real. They have a pure and cute romance. They make me laugh and cry. The acting is amazing and that's what made their chemistry so much better. Because if they had flawed acting then the show and chemistry would be horrible. This couple is so natural and perfect together! I love them so much!

Thank you @cindystran for this awesome challenge, I had fun talking about my power couple!

I had a feeling someone was going to nominate these two! 😂
@biancadanica98 I agree ☺️
@MyAffairWith They were cute too, but I can't get over Aaron Yan with Puff Guo. They are just too cute!
@biancadanica98 ☺️ I was also going to think that someone would nominate Aaron Yan and Tia Lee from Fall in Love with Me, but personally I like these two
@MyAffairWith Yep that person is me! 😂
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