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Alright, I was watching Heroes of Remix and was surprised to find Ikon, Vixx, and Monsta X present! Anyways, what I wanted to share today is two awesome mando-kpop remix!

#1 GEM - 紅薔薇白玫瑰 (Red Rose + Eyes, Nose, Lips)

The intro of the song begins with a classic Chinese song Red Rose and it then transitions into a mandarin adaption of Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips. It was beautifully done. You can tell because Bobby was so into it!

IKON - (北京, 北京) Beijing, Beijing

It was really weird listening to IKON remixing this traditional song into EDM at first. Once they starting singing you'll forget it's a folk song as it becomes another IKON production with their own flavor. It's fun to hear two Asian languages in one track.