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If you missed the first part of this story here is a link to Part 1 This is the second half to the Jackson story! I hope you have enjoyed this short little thing. I had several idea's on what to do for the ending! I think I chose the best scenario though.
Time went by wasting it away wandering around the city and walking through the outdoor mall until it came to an hour before the concert. Neither Lindz nor Erin had brought other clothes so they were still dressed in jeans and a t shirt. “Do you think it matters?” Lindz questioned. “Not particularly. Come on Ray said to go around the building and head in through the back. He’ll meet us there” Erin said parking the van by the dumpsters at the back of the building. So they walked to the back were they came to a door and knocked on it. A couple minutes later the door opened and Ray stood there. “Was wondering when you two would show up” he said. “I got you in the pit, since there isn’t any seats available.” he stated. “Thanks brother” Erin said. “Yea yea now go, just show these backstage passes to the guard and he’ll let you in” he said handing them a plastic card that was attached to the neck band. So they both made their way into the theatre and down close to the pit section. The guard had to take a second look at the cards before letting them in and than they made their way to try and get into a corner by the stage. People were congested so they didn’t get front row but they got about two people back from the stage. When the show started screaming erupted around them and Erin had to laugh, even as Lindz joined in and cheered along with them. Throughout the concert she would find that Jackson or Mark would be grabbing her attention, if she took her eyes off one of them to look at the other than the other would steal it back. Lindz was having that problem with JB and Junior. Her head would wipe from one side to the other to keep track of them. At several points Jackson or Junior would be standing over in front of them and looking down. When the end of the concert came they started talking and grabbing peoples phones to take pictures or video’s. Erin and Lindz ended up waiting in the pit section waiting for everyone to empty out before they bothered to moved and considering the fact that the pit cleared itself out really fast just not the rest of the theater Erin decided to sit on the edge of the stage to wait it out. Lindz took a seat next to her. “So do you think Jackson was staring at me all night?” she questioned. Erin rolled her eyes but didn’t respond. “I think he was. I mean I had my focus on Junior for the longest time up there but Jackson stood in front of us for like five minutes there just singing to me” she made it sound like she was the only one there. “I bet I could get him” she said as she turned to look at Erin. Erin had a mask of a face, not showing if she cared or not, even though she did. She was starting to really like him, even if it had just been a day. “I’m going to go for it! We have that after party tonight” Lindz continued. Erin finally jumped down from the stage, even as she felt like she was being pushed. She turned back with a glare just to see Jackson standing there looking down at her. “Didn’t mean to frighten you” he said as he took a seat. “I saw you two were still up front” “Wanted to wait for it to clear out before we went into that jumble of a mess” LIndz said with a shrug. “Come back this way. We are just going to hang out in back for a while” he said offering his hand down to help Erin up from the ground level. The two girls followed behind Jackson and went to the back room. They complimented them all on how good of a job they did. Each one of the guys took the compliment and patted each other on the backs. It was a good friendly vibe they had going around them, however now Erin didn’t want to be anywhere near them, nor her own friend. With the confession that Lindz was going to make a move on Jackson it made her upset and Jealous. IF she made a move now though her friend would hate her and there would be a huge fight between them ending with Lindz saying she claimed him first or had the balls to actually say it out loud first. Jackson seemed to pick up the fact that she wasn’t happy and was staying close to her, even as Lindz kept trying to wedge herself between them. Finally she snapped. “You know she’s just being a sour puss now. You can just ignore her” she told Jackson. He looked at her astounded. Throughout the next hour people came in and out of the dressing room and the guys were going in and out doing photo ops with people. Ray was busy but he hadn’t missed the fact his sister was upset. “Why don’t you go outside and have a cig and cool off a bit” He told her. “Why?” she asked. “Because your annoying me standing there” He said, half joking. “Go on I’ll let you back in after ten minutes.” he added. “What about Lindz?” she asked. “You leave her to me. I see she bothering you” he stated, knowing how the two reacted to each other. They were like sisters, they got pissed at each other just as much as family members did. “Thanks” She nodded at her brother than made her way to the back door. Jackson took notice of her disappearing and tried to follow but Ray grabbed onto his arm and shook his head, indicating he shouldn’t follow. Erin stood outside, back against the wall and inhalling the smoke. She knew it was a bad habit but it calmed her down when she got to stressed out or upset. Outside she could see that people were gathered around the other door. She was smart to come out by where the trucks were and not by the back door that they had come in through. “Hi” I giddy girl said passing by her. “Do you know what’s going on up front?” She asked. Erin didn’t know what she was talking about. “No, what’s going on?” Erin asked. “Oh well there is an ambulance. I wanted to know if any of the boys were in it or if they were okay” she said making Erin chuckle. “It’s probably a fan fainting. The guys in the group our all still inside” She told the girl. A funny look crossed her face but was gone in a blink of an eye. “Well that’s good. Thanks. I”m going to wait by the back to see them come. Are you doing that?” She asked. “Um, no I’m just standing here having a smoke break” Erin said even as she was putting out her cig. She didn’t have to wait for her brother to let her in, she just had to squeeze through the truck and the wall to get back inside. Easy enough. “Awe, okay well I’ll see you around” She waved and than went off to the barricade with the big group of people. Erin looked back and made sure she wasn’t looking back and than she slid into the crack. She walked down the corridor to the dressing room but stopped in her tracks halfway there. There stood Lindz pressing Jackson against the wall, her lips pressed to his and no room separating the two. Time stood still. Erin could feel her heart beat pick up and her eyes start to prickle. This man shouldn’t affect her like this. He did though. Whatever time went by it was enough and as she turned her back to run back outside she heard her name being called frantically. Jackson was calling out to her. She didn’t stop. Running down Erin didn’t have the energy to go through the trunk area so instead went straight for the door. She opened the door and screams erupted. Security guards surrounded her but once they realized she was no one important they left her to run. She made it to the barricades before she heard the door open and than her name being yelled out into the crowd. Oh god, he had even followed her out. She couldn’t help it. Turning her face to look at him she knew there was tears streaming down her face and the look he gave her looked so pained. No. “It’s not going to do it” Erin mumbled to herself before she dove into the crowd and escaped. He couldn’t follow her after that. Hour’s later Erin got a call from her brother questioning what happened and where she went. All Erin could tell him was that she left. Ray wanted her to go into detail about why she ran but she couldn’t comply and instead stayed silent. After walking back to the hotel the key was in her pocket and Erin decided it was better to just drive home. Her brother wouldn’t understand but the people who were involved would. The only thought that kept going in her head now was how it would never work out, he lives overseas and she lives here. This was a one time deal she would meet him. She wouldn’t waste her tears on him, but they were wasted on Lindz.
2 years . . . Time had flown by super fast. With work keeping Erin busy and school keeping her up at night studying she was finally done. No more classes to take and Erin finally got to transfer divisions in her job. Going from a travel agent to maintain connections to airlines and hotels in different countries. With it she got to travel on the company's dime. So with her graduating she took it up and decided a trip to South Korea was in order. She would see her brother plus do a little work in checking out hotels in the area to see which ones to recommend and how much they would cost. Lindz had moved out of the apartment a year ago and now it was just Erin living by herself. Lindz still hung around Erin and after several months of being mad after the concert night she forgave her friend finding that it helped that Lindz was rejected by him. Now she found herself standing in the airport in South Korea waiting to see her brother who was going to pick her up and take her to the hotel she was staying at. Standing at the electronic doors her eyes scanned the people waiting to pick friends or family up but she couldn’t spot him so moving on Erin walked down and towards the doors to outside. With looking around Erin wasn’t looking at where she was going and bumped into somebody. A groan came out of her but not a sound came from the other person. “I’m so sorry” She said. “I was looking for someone” Erin added. “Looking for me?” the person questioned. Her head swiveled to look at the person who turned away. As much as it had been several years she recognized him. Hard not to when his picture was practically everywhere on her brothers social media’s online. “You” Her eyes were wide. “Me” he said. “Did not think you would see me again?” he questioned. “No” the word was drawn out. That huge grin on his face said it all. “I knew I would see you again. Ray said he was picking you up so I came along” he explained. “Jackson you really shouldn’t have” Erin looked away from him. He put his finger on her chin to make her face him once more. “I rejected her right after she kissed me, that was all her doing” Jackson said. “I had not been looking at her all day, I had not been searching the crowd for her face.” he said. “This sounds vaguely like a confession” Erin was trying to tease but it came off as more of a nervous rambling. “I don’t do confessions” he smirked. “I think you do though” She smiled at him. “So what does this mean?” Erin questioned. “We see where this goes?” he sounded like it was a question but she didn’t want to take it that way. “We can see” She laughed before he leaned down and kissed her. It was one of those movie star moments, in the middle of a crowd the man confesses and kisses the woman passionately.
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