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Chapter 5
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance
Warning: Mild Language
Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
Once you got to class from lunch you put away your lunch box and got out your materials for the next set of classes. You looked up to see Mr. Woo starting the class. You were surprised to see him being the next teacher for your classes but this also gave you a chance to gage if he really was good looking. You would have to report this back to Nana when school was over.
Time passed quickly and before you knew it school was over. You sat at your desk and stretched releasing the stress from your bones. You grabbed your things from your desk and began putting them away in your bag. As you were looking down at your bag on the floor you saw two black shoes approach you. You looked up and you were met with the gaze of Taehyung. “Did you eat the creme puffs?” he asked, eyes softly staring into yours. “I got to eat one. Nana ate them so quickly, I had to fight for the last one,” you said as you stood up from your desk looking up at Taehyung. Being this close to him gave you a chance to examine the other features of his face. It was amazing to see how this man could be so contradictory to himself; dark featured but bright as the sun, sharp edges but soft and gentle looking.
“Well as long as you got one then that’s good.” He shined a large boxy smile at you causing you to blush.
“Thank you for those by the way. I don’t think I thanked you at lunch. You didn’t have to buy them for me.”
Taehyung was about to say something to you but Namjoon interrupted your conversation. “What are you guys talking about, hmm?” You looked over at Namjoon and chuckled a little, “Oh Kim Taehyung felt bad about being a jerk earlier so he bought me creme puffs and gave them to me and Nana at lunch.” “I don’t know if I would say jerk exactly,” Taehyung said through a chuckle. You laughed a little yourself and responded, “Well you were rude enough to feel like you needed to buy me a snack.”
Namjoon’s eyes widened and looked up at Taehyung who was warmly staring at you. “Oh, I didn’t know you liked creme puffs [Y/N]. Were they good?” asked Namjoon. You nodded in response then grabbed your bag and said, “Well I need to head out. If you’ll excuse me.” Bowing slightly you left the classroom heading toward the garden.
Namjoon POV
“Creme Puffs, really? That’s the sweet you picked out,” Namjoon asked Taehyung who was watching [Y/N] walk out of the class. “Huh, did you say something,” Taehyung responded. Namjoon picked up his bag and threw it over his shoulder. “Whatever, nevermind. Just answer one thing for me Kim Taehyung. Do you like [Y/N]?”
“Yeah, I do. It’s obvious that you do too.”
Namjoon blushed and cleared his throat. Taehyung sighed and put his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. “Listen,” he said quietly looking at Namjoon, “I don’t want to fight about this whole thing. I like [Y/N], you like [Y/N]. Hell there are probably three other guys in this class who have a thing for [Y/N]. But listen, I’m serious about her and I’m not backing down.” Namjoon could sense how serious Taehyung was and stood there listening to him. “We can either be civil about this or we can act like children,” Taehyung continued. “Personally I would like to be civil but it’s your call.”
“Civil would be best. I don’t want to cause issues for [Y/N],” Namjoon responded. “She’s too important to me.”
“Good to hear. Now, I need to get to practice. Have a good one Kim Namjoon.”
Taehyung pat Namjoon’s shoulder then headed out the door. Namjoon stood there for a moment taking in the fact that Taehyung just admitted he liked [Y/N] to him. Namjoon could feel himself getting nervous for a different reason. ‘This isn’t good,’ he thought. ‘I’ve liked [Y/N] for about a year if not longer. I can’t lose to Taehyung or miss my chance this time. I need to be proactive. She said she was going to look at clubs maybe I can find her.’ “Earth to Kim Namjoon!” Namjoon snapped out of his thoughts and looked in the direction of the voice.
“Hey I’ve been calling your name for a bit there,” Ellin said to Namjoon. His face turned bright red and he scratched the back of his head. “Hey so listen,” Ellin said, “I’m sorry to be bothering you but I was wondering if you would be willing to walk around and look at clubs with me?” Namjoon smiled at her and nodded, “Yeah, I’ll join you,” he said, “I was going to go that way anyway. May as well go together right?” Ellin’s face lit up and she thanked him.
The two of them walked around the different club halls stopping at a few tables. “Namjoon, what kind of things are you interested in,” Ellin asked. Namjoon thought for a second before answering, “Languages, music, and things like that.”
“Oh neat! You know they have a lot of different language clubs here on campus. Oh and a lot of music ones too. Do you play an instrument?”
“Nah not really. I’ve actually been thinking about joining the student council. I think that is something I would do really well at.”
“Oh wow that’s amazing!”
Namjoon smiled at Ellin and started to walk slightly ahead of her. Finding an empty bench, Namjoon sat down and released a heavy sigh. Ellin sat down next to him and asked, “What’s on your mind? You seem troubled.” “Oh, it’s nothing major,” he replied, “just...”
“Well, did you hear what me and Kim Taehyung were talking about?”
“No but I can guess it was about [Y/N]. You two look like elementary school kids fighting over the same toy.”
“[Y/N] is not a toy!” Namjoon raised his voice slightly causing Ellin to put her hands ups in defense. Realizing what he did Namjoon apologized, “Sorry, I’m just panicking I guess.” Namjoon rested his arms on his knees and slumped his head down. “Well why don’t you tell her how you feel,” Ellin asked. Namjoon leaned back against the bench and let out a heavy sigh. “It’s not that easy. [Y/N] hardly remembers me from middle school. We really aren’t friends, just acquaintances,” Namjoon continued as Ellin sat there fully listening.
“We were in the same class every year. She’s smart, shy, funny and well I could go on forever about her. But she never noticed me and that’s because she only ever watched Nana. [Y/N] was also so shy she hardly spoke. If she was going to talk to the class Nana did it for her. She was also so dependent on Nana. This is the first year that they aren’t together and I finally have a chance to actually talk and get to know her fully.”
“Well why aren’t you talking to her more? If you want to get to know somebody you make an effort and talk with them.”
“Yeah I know, but I get so nervous. It’s like I don’t know what to say.” Ellin started laughing at Namjoon. He chuckled a little because her laugh was contagious. “What’s so funny,” he asked her. “Nothing really. You’re just really adorable. You have these cute dimples show up when you smile too,” She said as she changed her laugh to a soft and gentle smile. Namjoon blushed and looked away from her. “You know,” she said, “Do you know why I asked you to come out here with me?” Namjoon looked at her and didn’t say anything. “I like you Kim Namjoon,” she said as she gazed into his eyes. Namjoon blushed and his eyes widened. “Look, I don’t expect an answer or anything from you,” Ellin said in a hurry and panic. “I just needed to tell you. I know I just met you today, but something about it is really adorable and I like you.” “But you just heard me talking about how I like [Y/N],” Namjoon said with a confused look on his face.
“I know I know. And I know that there isn’t any room for me. But maybe you can use my confession as an example. If I didn’t tell you I liked you I would regret it. And I don't want to wait until after you start dating [Y/N].”
Namjoon sat there listening to her, not saying anything. Her words seemed pure and honest to him and they made him feel happy and calm. “I could help you with [Y/N] you know,” Ellin said. “What?” Namjoon asked in shock, “How do you plan to do that? Why would you do that? You just told me you liked me, yet you are willing to help me get some other girl. That doesn’t make any sense.”
Ellin laughed and stood up facing him while Namjoon sat on the bench and looked up at her. “I know it sounds weird and crazy but I have confidence I can help. Even if it is just to help create openings so you guys can talk. I’ll do what I can. Besides, if I ever want a chance to get into your heart, then you need to have [Y/N] removed. You can’t get over her if you don’t try going after her.” Namjoon stood up and looked down at her. “Alright Ellin. I will fully accept your help, but I still think you’re crazy for doing this,” he said patting her head causing her to blush.
“But listen, Ellin, about your confession,” Namjoon started before he was cut off by Ellin. Ellin grabbed his hand and said excitedly, “Friends!” He looked at her slightly surprised. “We’re friends Kim Namjoon. Now I need to get home, see you tomorrow!” Ellin turned around and skipped away. Namjoon watched as the distance grew between them and smiled. ‘She’s a weird one,’ Namjoon thought as his smile grew larger.
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