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So this is going to be a short part and then it'll be split up in Trinity's view or Ari's view in the next update! Thus its short!

“Omg really! I’ve been wanting to visit one here!” Trinity sounded so excited about it. “This was on our list of things we must do” she said punching Ari in the arm.
“Are you guys going to be okay here?” Ari asked looking at Namjoon.
“We came prepared. We have hats and masks” he nodded his head. “ I didn’t think people would be following the van here though” He shook his head.
“Well it’s not like they can constantly follow you around here right?” she asked a little worried making him chuckle.
“So are we splitting up in groups or sticking all together!” Trinity asked.
“I vote sticking together. I think we may loose a couple people that way” Ari said. “Plus directionally challenged. You can’t leave me alone” Ari added.
“Hey me too!” Kooki said sounding as if that was a good thing to have in common.
“So now we know if Ari and Kooki get lost we will never see them again” Suga said.
“If they get lost they'll eventually turn up at lost and found” Jimin chuckled.
"Where's that at?" Ari asked looking around.
"don't agree with it" kooki sounded horror stricken
"Its a sound plan" Ari grinned at him
"nah, you two will wander in circles for a while until we stumble on you" Trinity commented
“well they will eventually find their way to one of us” Jimn added making everyone laugh.
“Thanks for caring” Kooki said.
“That’s okay it just means me and Kooki will be having an adventure of our own!” Ari said looking at the bright side.

They all were walking towards the entrance of the park now and entering in just a few minutes. Paying and getting in was easy and with the hats and masks it was hard to tell them apart all of a sudden.
“What do you want to do first?” Suga asked looking at Trinity.
“Rides!” Trinity said.
“I want to try winning a big teddy bear!” Ari said.
“No you do that at the end otherwise you have to walk around with it all day” Trinity shut her down.
“But but” Her lip trembled. “Maybe a small one than.”
“Maybe we should split up into two groups?” Namjoon said.
“And put who with who?” Tae said.
“Well what about rock paper sissors” J hope said.
“That could work, though why don’t we pick rock or paper that way the group is split in half” Trinity said.
“Okay” there was a chorus.
“Ready!” Trinity said shooting Ari a look. They would aim to get opposite each other. Trinity made a puh sound, so low that she hoped no one heard. Ari got it though and smiled.
“Set” Ari said.
Ari had a rock, Trinity paper. Yes opposites!
Namjoon had also picked rock along with Kooki, Suga, Jin, and J hope.
Tae and Jimin had paper.
“Oh that is so not fair you can’t have everyone” Trinity said.
“I’ll go with them” Suga volunteered
“I’m good with that.” Trinity nodded happily.
“So me, Namjoon, Kooki, Jin and J hope are group one and Trinity, Tae, suga and Jimin are the second group” Ari clarified.
“We meet back here in two hours” Namjoon said. Everyone nodded grudgingly. “We'll check out booths” He added as he swung an arm over Ari’s shoulder.
“Um can we get a band aid first for my head?” Ari asked reminding him.
“of course” he nodded.
“I have one” Suga said.
“Ari you have a first aid kit in your bag” Trinity said reminding her.
“What, Oh yea I do have it” Ari laughed. “Oh gosh with all the events I forgot” She said unzipping her purse and pulling out a plastic bag. Inside held band aids, gauze, alcohol swabs, tweezers, advil, tums, and thread with a tiny pair of sewing scissors.
“That is a lot of stuff” Suga said looking over it.
“I injure myself to much to leave home without a few essentials” She explained taking out a bandaid. Namjoon took it from her and opened it up before gently putting it on her forehead.
“There all better” He grinned.
“Thanks” she smiled back.


first FAM tag list lol

Tag List!!!!! Grouping for bts
@JaxomB Omg that would be so funny to have one of them pop out dressed in a costume. that is a great idea! thankies!
@SweetDuella Don't forget about all amusement It have costumed characters roaming around too. It would be cute to have someone 'borrow' one and dress up for one of the girls. The darn things are very hot though. (I've worn Curious George and Clifford ones...)
@FromBlue2U it's okay books can be jealous of the amazing stories on vingle!
I am feeling this roo! ugh you guys on here are making my books feel jealous!
@JaxomB omg thank you thank you. you have just given me ideas! ta been so long since I been to an amusement park.
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