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@divalycious hey I am looking at some of the other fitnessblender videos. They are good ... and sweaty. @miranpark88 start wz 1kg ones. You may think they are light but if you incorporate them into the routines they will feel heavy. I have been using the 1kg ones for the past few years. Not changing the weight coz I find that if you make it too difficult for yourself then the motivation is lost. : )
@oj1992 i foun these easy and i love the 10 min segments
I find that the back fat, and the upper back are the hardest ones to work with. This is definitely a great guide on how to work those hidden muscles! Thank you @divalycious
I have just done this and the cardio one in a row. incredible! the workouts are what I desperately look for! thanks alot:)
@sarah6482 ... they are really effective ... stick with it :D