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(The look he gives you later) The sun hit my face making me wake up. I rolled over and cuddled up to the man next to me. I was surprised he was still there. I sat up and put my hand to his forehead. He was really warm. I quickly got up and went and grabbed a cold wash cloth. I came back and placed it on his head. He opened his eyes. “What time is it?” “Don’t worry you need rest.” He sat up. “No I can’t rest I’ve got a busy day today.” “Chanyeol if you don’t rest now you are going to get worse.” “I can handle it.” He got up and started getting dressed. I pulled out my phone and text Suho telling him that he needed to cover for Chanyeol today because he was really sick. Thankfully Suho was on my side and wished me luck on keeping him home. I quickly jumped on his back. “(Y/n) what are you doing?” “You are not allowed to leave today.” “Come on you know I have work today.” “Suho said its fine; he wants you to rest too!” “(Y/N).” “No Chanyeol you need to do this for not only me and your members but for yourself.” He walked back and sat down on the bed. I got off of him and moved to be in front of him. “You’re right.” “Thank you.” I kissed his forehead. “Now lie down and sleep I’m going to make you some soup and I’ll be back.” “Are you leaving?” “I’ll run to the store for a bit and I’ll be back before you wake up. I promise.” “Ok.” “If I come back and you are gone do you know what is going to happen?” I asked looking him straight in the eyes. “You will do 1 of 2 things….. Either break up with me or break me in 2.” “Correct, so don’t think about going to work.” “I promise I won’t leave.” He went back under the covers and got situated. I put the cold cloth back on his forehead and left the room. I quickly left and went to the store and bought the necessary items then rushed back. I didn’t think he would really be resting when I got back. Thankfully when I came back and checked on him he was still sleeping. I went back to the kitchen and made him some soup and got some medicine ready. Then I took it back to his room. He was awake this time and sitting up. I brought the tray to him and set it on his lap. “Let’s take the medicine first and then you can eat ok?” “Ok.” He said and opened his mouth for me to give him the medicine. “I like when you listen to me.” I smiled. “Yea I know you do.” He smiled and started eating. As he ate we just sat quietly and when he was done I took everything away and then came back to him. “Can I get out of bed now?” he asked giving me the look that drives me nuts. “How can you do that still even being sick?” “Because you love me and it works anytime on you.” “Fine you win you can leave the bed, but not the house.” “Oh no I just want to go to the living room and watch TV.” He said crawling out of bed. “Oh I’m game for that.” I smiled and followed him out of the room. He put a movie in and then sat on the couch and waited for me to sit next to him. The rest of the day we cuddled on the couch and watched movies and slept. By dinner time he was feeling a lot better and we both made dinner. After dinner I was feeling really warm and went to take a shower. “You don’t look so good?” Chanyeol said walking towards me and touching my head. “I don’t feel good.” I said admitting defeat. “I guess I gave you my fever.” He said pulling me towards the room. “Well thank goodness I don’t work tomorrow.” I laughed. “Come on lets go to bed.” He said pushing me onto the bed. “But… I can’t sleep.” “Do you want me to sing you to sleep?” my eyes lit up at the thought of Chanyeol singing to me. “Yes, yes please I would love that!” I said a little too excited. He laughed and started singing. I laid there next to him staring at him as he sung. His voice was so soothing to me. I moved closer to him so my head was on his chest and he started rubbing my head as he continued to sing. After a few songs I was finally tired and was about to fall asleep. “I love you Channie.” I whispered. He kissed the top of my head. “I love you too (y/n)” He started to sing another song but I fell asleep before he got too far into it. When I woke up again he wasn’t there. Which was back to normal. I sat up and was trying to compose myself enough to get up to make food. I was about to throw the covers off when Chanyeol walked in the room with food. “What are you doing here?” I asked shocked “You can’t possibly think I was going to leave you to fend for yourself when your sick can you?” “You have to work.” “If I can have one day of me being sick then I can have 2 days of me ‘being sick’. Suho thinks I’m still really sick.” “He will kill you when he finds out you took a day off for me.” “Let him try.” He set the food on my lap. “Now eat up” I looked at the food and then back at him. “Thank you.” “You’re very welcome. Now if you don’t start eating I will just have to feed you myself.” He picked up the spoon and held it up to me. “Say ahh” I smiled and opened my mouth and took the food he offered. After the first bite I took over so I could eat without worrying he was going to spill all over me. After I ate I laid down and we just talked. He would say little jokes and make faces to make me laugh. “I’m going to take shower. Maybe that will help me cool down and feel better.” I said trying to get out of bed. “Oh I will take you there.” He said and picked me up bridal style. “Please don’t hit my head on the wall.” I said clinging to him more and covering my head. “I would never to that to you.” He pulled me up more so my face was close to his and I just put my face in his neck. Even though I wasn’t feeling great being that close to him I took my chance and bit his neck. “Yah! (Y/n)” “You liked it?” I questioned. “Doesn’t matter if I liked it or not you are sick so don’t start something you can’t finish.” He set me down on the sink while he got the water ready. “Who said I couldn’t finish it?” I smirked and got off the sink and quickly kissed him on the lips. When we broke apart I whispered. “I’m game if you are.” And he was game.
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Tao -fluff 😆
cute~ Chen angst-fluff
D.O - Any one
so I realized I forgot to vote. Kai or D.O angst!
voting has ended for this week...look for the story on monday....thanks for all those who voted