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Actor Jang Geun Suk will hold his ‘Zikzin Festival’ in Japan this August. According to his agency Tree J Company, Jang Geun Suk will hold the ‘Zikzin Festival’ to promote his exclusive brand ‘Zikzin’ through an expo to be held from August 2-4 in Osaka and August 24-25 in Tokyo. The expo will feature the performances of his project group Team-H, and is expected to become a small theme park, offering other facilities such as ‘Zikzin Town’ and ‘Zikzin Street’ as well as a ‘Zikzin Shop’, food courts, post office, photo studio and costume shop. In addition, ‘Zikzin Festival’ will be streamed live on August 4th at 57 different movie theaters in Japan, and approximately 15,000 fans will be able to share the heat of the festival.
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Happy to hear that. Congrats and Goodluck, Keun Suk! We love you!