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❥ Hello Babies!! On to my Miracle Gene Monday Card

↝ Seyoung singing is my life

↝ Watch his Eyebrows dance with him ♡

↝ Miracle Gene I love you so much you sweet selfless man you. ♡ You are indeed a blessing ♡

↝ He is so beautiful. I would pet hims face FOREVER!!

↝ The boys love him Dearly ♡

↝ As do I ♡

↝ You're welcome for this blessing to your ears ♡

↝ This is the OST for The Witch's Castle ♡

❣ CandY Mod Squad ❣

☆ Special Bebes ☆

☆ CandY Babies ☆

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WOW! I thought his voice was great, I didn't expect for him to make me cry...oh god he has the voice of an angel!!!
a year ago·Reply
@merryjayne13 Yes bebe!! Most definitely has a voice like an angel! When I find that other link, I'll post it so everyone can see ♡
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH yay! can't wait :)
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
yasssss I was waiting for him today!!!!!! 😥😥😥😣😣😣😍😍😍😍😍
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