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Since lately I've been so busy, my mind has been so occupied with RESPONSIBILITIES (God I hate that word!!)... I've been miserable and discouraged. I love my job but those in authority are making it hard for everyone. I'm just trying my best to cope and get with it until better comes. I love you guys. It's taking so much out of me to do this right now. I'm actually falling asleep as I type. I'll be popping in and out now and again... or often... but I'll always Vingling
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Hang in there, the important thing is that you r doing a job that you like (which is rare!) and things will eventually get better. Maybe stay in the same field but change company or speak to HR about this particular difficult "authority" of yours? P.S: I don't know the context here, I can only speak from my scope of understanding.
I lost the job guys :(
@TerrecaRiley oh no, I'm sorry to hear that... But this might be the opportunity for change and you'll find something even better!
@Animaniafreak thanks... I agree