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I wanted to do this cause I got bored. And also because I've been playing Pokémon Go. LoL. I don't remember where I found the instructions but I remembered it... Incase you guys wanted to find what Pokémon you are the instructions down below.
Rap Mon will be Kangaskhan!! Always protecting and taking care of his kids.
Jin is a Lickitung!!
J-hope is a Tangela!!
Suga is a Marowak!!
Jimin is a Horsea!!
V is a Porygon!!
Lastly Jungkook is a Hitmonchan!! Because he always hits his hyungs. lol
'To find out what Pokémon you are, take your birthdate mm/dd/yy, add all the numbers up. Ex: 1/3/99 so... 1+3+99=103. Then google "pokedex (the sum)" Ex: "pokedex 103" I would be an Exeggutor.' -No need to click on links to find your pokemon, the name of the pokemon will infront of behind the pokedex number. (credits to the owner who came up with this pokemon thing)

comment down below what pokemon you are I wanna know!!!

I'm the evolve of Jimin. Seadra
I'm a starmi yay so cute ❤️
I'm an Eevee
I got Omanyte!
Then that makes me a Charizard!! 😂😂😂😂