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I just got fired from my job working in a nursing home about three weeks ago and if your wondering why it's because I threw a hot rag at an old man because he tried to make me touch his old mill warm if you know what I mean so right now I'm on my way to a new job interview and I'm dressed well not fancy but I'm dressed the way I like it
I tied up my hair in a tight ponytail And did my make up and put my jacket and shades on
then I grabbed my car keys and left I used to be a junior drag racer when I was younger but I quit I don't know why I did but ..I did ,I get in my shiny silver dodge charger
And I jumped in and left and you may be wondering what I'm going to work as well I'm going to work hopefully at big hit mental asylum sooo. Yeah but I hope all goes well (Time skip) So I just got home and I got the job but the u I just hope this job goes good I went to a store and bought some new uniforms And went home I washed and went to bed