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to see who's the characters of the story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Chapter 1 ( Melanie P.O.V) "Hey Melanie school is almost hover soon and we are going to become incoming seniors" Aaliyah said. Spacing out and going to my thoughts. "Melanie listen to me". "Aaliyah for my senior year I wan to go and study at Seoul, South Korea" I said. "Melanie I wanted to tell you something yesterday but you didn't came to school but your dream is going to become true well our dream. cause I want to meet this Youtuber and he lives in Seoul, South Korea". "You bought tickets to visit during summer". "No, even better". Silence. Aaliyah looks around. "Aaliyah just tell me" I exclaim. "I enter ourself to this contest and we won not only that we got selected to study in their school but we got schoolships and everything pay except the food and stuff we want to buy". I just couldn't believe her words but knowing her she won't lie about this kind of stuff and it's not April. "when are we leaving" I said. "Well I'm not sure they still need to send the tickets and other stuff". "One thing how did you get the school to pay everything and be their for free". "Well Melanie long story short our GPA help us a lot we both have 4.0 also because of the ACT and SAT we took having 30 on one of them plus my mom friend works at the school and she help me by giving me your information too". "That's illegal Aaliyah". "I know I did something illegal but I got our selfs to South Korea and that's all that matters plus nobody knows except you and my mom friend". "You know me I won't say a word, Omg we need to go shopping Aaliyah". "One more thing I forgot to say, ah..., The school we are going to is a all boy school". I look at Aaliyah like what evil plan are you up to. ~months later~ My phone rings and its Aaliyah. "Hello" I said. "Melanie gues what" Aaliyah said in a sad tone. "Don't tell me, it got cancelled". "No, but it's a worse surprise". "Aaliyah just tell me I hate guessing". "Melanie your brother and my brother are coming with us". "Wait... what??". "Your brother enter the same contest and he also won but he got accepted in both gender school". "Thats very unfair Aaliyah". "But hey we get to see how guys act plus it's going to be fun acting the other gender". "I guess..., we'll your already a guy".laughter. "You got jokes, come over your brother is here and I have the tickets, hurry up". "Ok,ok Aaliyah I'll be their, bye". "Bye Melanie". ~10min later~ I park the car, got out, I don't even knock on the boor but barg in, clime the stairs and into Aaliyah room and no, I'm not a bad child that's how close I'm with Aaliyah family. "So I heard you where coming sis" Logan said. "You don't say, anyways let me see the ticket Aaliyah". I got hold of my ticket and I read the name. "Min Jun" I said. "Yes, I pick the name for you and mine is Geon Wu" Aaliyah said. "Why do you girls have guy names" Isaac said. "you see brother we got selected to a all boy school and since our last year of high school we wanted to do something out of the ordinary I decided to keep it that way" Aaliyah said. "Yeah sure, more like you want to meet the group Shinhwa and marry Shin" Isaac said. "Well besides that I want to meet this Youtuber" Aaliyah said. "Hey Issac let's have our senior year out of the ordinary too" Logan said in a worry tone. "Why Logan, give me the card" Isaac said. Logan gives the school card to Isaac and his expression is priceless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> I hope you like my first chapter don't worry charter 2 is coming soon until then cx Also please don't steal my story cx Chapter 2 :
it's Good, Nice Efforts. But Dear, you can do more.