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It's been a loooooong day. The kind of day where I can look at anime_irl memes and think "yep, this is me." That kind of day indeed.
I'm feeling something like this....
Accurate pie chart of my day.
(Anime: Welcome to the N.H.K.)
Which leads to something like this. I'd ride the giraffe, though.
(Anime: Shirobako)
You got it right! That's me!
(Anime: Clannad: After Story)
Probably not...I should focus on my priorities today...
(Anime: Mob Psycho 100)
So! I will follow my dreams....and I will finish today like this!!!!
(Anime: Sailor Moon)

Hope you're all having an okay day :D Even if you're not, hope you can relate to this, too!!

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adulting isn't fun...unless it's.......ok nver mind πŸ˜‚
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@LittleAika yup hahahahahhahaa
a year agoΒ·Reply
@LittleAika @hikaymm even then its stressful πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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