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Hey guys! I'm finally here to update everyone about the upcoming Waifu Wednesday themes. Thank you to everyone who suggested themes - sorry I couldn't use them all yet! Maybe next time :P

Here's how it's gonna go:

July 20: Assassin Waifus & Husbandos
July 27: School Waifus & Husbandos
i.e. students and/or those in school uniforms!
Aug 3: Idol Waifus & Husbandos
i.e. those who are actual idols, or those with musical talents!
Aug 10: Animal Waifus & Husbandos
i.e. catgirls, bunny girls, etc!

So don't forget! Tomorrow is Assassin Waifu Day!

Tagging the {WW} Crew!
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@NeckoNecko I saw \^u^/ happy day!
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@AimeBolanos Aye sir! You called?
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you are awesome!
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@NeckoNecko Lol just saying yay is all
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