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Nakama Intro Week is over!!

If you're still working on your cards, no worries! You can make them at any time :)
But I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOUUUUU to everyone who introduced themselves! I haven't been able to comment on all the cards (there's almost 250!!!!) but I have been reading them, liking them, & clipping them!!!
If you haven't, take a minute to go through the collection & find some new friends!

That's all for now, Nakama!

Let me & the rest of the support team (@KokoroNoTakara @PASCUASIO @ctsr1 @KageTsuki040910 @LorettaHon @jealousshota ) know what other kinds of events you wanna see in the community & we'll do our best to make it happen :P
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Maybe debates on different things like conspiracy theories or who's stronger stuff like that (only if the people participating could be respectful)
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Twas a fun experience.
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