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So I'm FINALLY watching this, i've been so busy but after someone suggested it i thought i'd give it a chance to watch it & I LOVE IT SO MUCH NOW! Thanks to whoever told me to watch this Drama!<3<3 This drama completely got to me; all the sadness & intense scenes<|3 & The fight scenes were so badass! I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T!<3 KANG CHI IS SO CUTE & HAWT & JUST ASDFGHJKL~! >w<'
it's on my list soon as i finish personal taste and city hunter :))
lee seung gi always amazing
@christy IKR! he's amazing in everyway<3<3!
I'm gonna watch it as soon as im done "the Moon embracing the sun"
i miss the drama now!):