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From 2005 to current, the on-screen couple I continue to ship is Rainie Yang & Mike He. Devil Beside You (2005) and Why Why Love (2007) are both of their classic hits! After their first drama collaboration their popularity skyrocketed. Due to their on-screen chemistry Mike He was often featured Rainie Yang's music videos. They were really the OTP during the 2000s. Out of all their projects, the most memorable collaboration to date is Why Why Love.

Their love story:

From foes to friends. Then, partner in crime.
In the beginning, their personality clash. Jia Di is a strong willed-girl, who only thinks about work and paying down family debt. Huo Da is the second heir of the Huo Co. shopping center, also named the "devil boy" for his pranks and rude demeanor.
The two character came closer after a series event where they help each other go through difficulties in life. Huo Da becomes less of a prankster and Jia Di opens up to other activities in life other than working.
See their chemistry in the music videos below!

Kingone - Welcome to My Heart

Rainie Yang - Breathless

@cindystran @veeyang5 Thanks guys, I think I'll watch it after I finish Momo Love. I only have 1 more episode of it and then I'll start Why Why Love! I liked his character in Devil Beside You and their chemistry so I'm sure I'll love it. 馃榿
@cindystran @biancadanica98 I prefer Why Why Love too. It's a good drama. I like his character better in Devil Beside You but I like Why Why Love's plot better.
@biancadanica98 I really like it!!
@Mavis2478 Yay, you started it! How do you like it so far?
@biancadanica98 I will watch it after I finish Down With Love
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