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Wait For It.

Wouldn't Batman be much more amusing if Bruce Wayne acted like a real bat?

But then again, if every superhero acted like the animal they're named after, Robin would bounce every November and come back randomly several months later. And what kind of sidekick would THAT be?
XD imagine that, Robin and Batman in the middle of a fight, all the sudden Robin says "wait hang on everyone... This breeze is just a little cooler than my instincts allow... Later!" *runs away*
The first GIF was cute, but then the 2nd one.... now that's disturbing! I don't think I can watch any Batman movies now with a straight face
@BlackDragon88 LMAO Robin takes off his shirt and his chest is noticeably redder than the rest of his body.
If spider man acted like a real spider, he would crawl out of nowhere and scare the shit out of me lol
Look!! A Zubat!! Lol
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