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I am amongst that 5% trying to wake you all up. But, one day, either the 1% will drop or will we.
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look in deeper, you'll find it yourself.
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interesting. but what do you know, @TheGurpreetKing ? please don't go "if i tell you, i would have to kill you" on me. 馃槀馃槀
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@jULsJ hahaha ok.
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@nuurussubchiy although maybe the percentages are not accurate, i'm affraid it still is the awfull truth.....
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@TheGurpreetKing i'm not a pessimist myself, and i personally think the percentage of sell-outs is higher馃榿 but i'm afraid this is the awful truth here........ thank you for bringing it up, and maybe downgrade the percentage of sleeping souls........馃憤
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