And I don't tan, I burn to a crisp in no time at all...sunscreen or no sunscreen. My skin is also very sensitive to feeling heat. If I'm standing mostly in the shade, I can feel when direct sunlight is touching my skin, without looking. It feels like someone is pressing a red hot frying pan against my skin...I can literally feel my skin sizzling. would think that I'd likewise be sensitive to the cold...but I'm not. I can stand in 10掳F weather in shorts and a t-shirt and be frolicking through the snow like it's a meadow in springtime. What is up with that, right?
@BeannachtOraibh I have the same problems as you! I absolutely love cold weather because of it too! 馃槉
You are secretly made of snow.
I lold
I think it has to do with your genes. If you are pale, blonde or have light coloured eyes and hair, that means you are (as according to science) a mutant. Don't take it as an offense, we humans all evolved from Africans, and Caucasians are the products that adapted to the Northern temperatures, which is cold with little sunlight. Also, it baffled me at first why light-skinned asians never get as badly sunburnt, and we tan very well. But that is just because Asians have thicker dermis. Plus, we're dang oily, if that helps in a way lol.
@danidee You got me there! xD