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OK so it's day nine which means I get to tell you guys my favorite body parts of the members and I don't get judged for it BECAUSE THIS IS A REAL THING I GET MADE FUN OF FOR THESE SPECIFIC BODY PARTS THAT I AM OBSESSED WITH FOR SOME REASON OK DON'T JUDGE MEH!!! (and jisoos that is a great picture of soonyoung I praise whoever took that photo....)
Ok, I'll start with my original bias Seungkwan....his face. But it's because I love his little moles and those aren't body parts because not everyone has them so I said his face because they're on his face, does that make sense???? (this goes for jihoon and Soonyoung and Hansol and Seokmin and every member that has moles....I see you.)
Mkay, next is Jihoon. I am seriously obsessed with his (and soonyoungs) hands. Like seriously I don't even know.what my problem is it's just they're so pretty.
And soonyoung..... OK so first his THIGHS
.....and his hands
That's it for now.... Tagging: LuckyCarat Squadeu: @IsoldaPazo @Mikim000 @VatcheeAfandi99 @CosmicCassidy
@awkwardjazzy Okay lol I get this xD Idk why but kpop idols have the cutest moles....xD
@AlyssaGelet818 OMF THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!! I also love Soonyoungs, Jihoons, Seokmins, Hansols, Jeonghans, Wonwoos, Juns, Mingyus, Chan's, and minghaos moles....(OK literally I'm pretty positive every member of seventeen has wonwoos are right behind his left ear, there are two, and then he has one on the same side of his neck and hansol has one on his neck too and the other members are on their faces) lol sorry for that like rant(?)
Okay, I never noticed Boo's moles before...they are so cute~~~ And lol I love how squishy Hosh's face is too~