So a while back I decide to download iheartradio since Pandora stopped working on me and to my suprise they had BTS. I was happy at first till I realize the information was on point,EXCEPT the music wasn't even BTS songs it was some other singer that were called BTS.....didn't know there was another group called BTS either...well anyway as time went by I still haven't heard any BTS songs from the radio station and after some time I complained about it they asked for info of what was wrong with the station and I told them the music wasn't what they are and I sent them the songs that were theirs and to my suprise they listened and are starting to change it.

I'm glad they read my message and are changing the station information. It was a full out info they use like....Im using Girl Generation Radio as an example.

Changes are coming soon!!! If they do change the songs and add their song to the actual BTS album and songs then..I will sent more info on the matter if they don't do anything I'm going to be so disappointed they didn't listen.